The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 15 | What's in My Bag

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Prompt: What's in your bag?

Here goes it:

2 Bath and Body works mini lotions- one in Oahu Coconut Sunset, one in Sonoma Weekend Escape

Breathsavers 3 Hour Mints

Apple Headphones

A Cliff Bar (Peanut Butter!)

My Kate Spade Wallet filled with essentials

Our bible study books for the study our home group is doing

a small package of Kleenex

Two pairs of sunglasses

My rifle paper company journal for taking notes at church

an EOS pomegranate chapstick

a leather pouch filled with: an eyelash curler, two perfume roller balls, a few lip glosses, a luluemon headband, q tips, hair ties, nail clippers, some gum, and a small package of watermelon jolly ranchers

an expanding file from the Target dollar section that I use to organize gift cards, coupons, and receipts

What are some of your must haves in your purse? Mine have grown as I've become more organized. Having nail clippers and q tips always comes incredibly handy!

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  1. I feel like we could be sisters Victoria! Tory Burch, Rifle Paper Co., and the Target dollar section are all among my favorite things :)

  2. Your bag is beautiful as well as your entryway! Love it all!


  3. Your bag is BEAUTIFUL! My current bag is that color and I love it. And all the yeses for EOS chapstick -- I have one in my purse and my car and in almost every room of my house!

  4. Peanut Butter Cliff bars are my favourite! I love your entry way, so simple and classic! :)

  5. I love love love your bag! and our chat this afternoon! It was so uplifting and refreshing!

  6. That is so smart to keep gift cards and coupons in an expanding file folder! Super cute bag!

  7. YOUR BAG IS TO DIE FOR. Seriously. I love it. What kind is it?

    I have a little bag filled with stuff like lotion, nail clippers, Neosporin, etc. It's the best thing I have! It saves the day a lot of the time!


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