The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 16 | The Real Me vs Online Me

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Prompt: The real you vs. the online you? Are they the same or different?

When I first read this prompt, it gave me the heebie jeebies. It is natural that you're not going to fully declare everything about yourself and your life online, but at the same time, I feel that it's really important to be consistent. I remember talking about it a lot in high school youth group; how important it is to be the same when you're at school and at church. It's stuck with me. I can think of people off the top of my head who are going to be consistently kind no matter who they're around, not showing favoritism. I love and admire those people. So, for whatever reason, I've always been passionate about being pretty consistent, and about not having secrets unless absolutely necessary. My root feelings about secrets is that they're exclusive (possibly hurtful) and I associate them with "getting caught". My goal is to live my life in a way where there's nothing I need to keep secret, that I can openly share with the people in my life. Parents, friends, etc. Obviously there are some things that aren't appropriate to just go around blabbing about, but I think y'all probably hear my heart on this one. :)

So because of the feelings I shared above- the idea of portraying yourself in a certain way online makes me cringe, yet I know everyone (myself included) does it. People talk about only sharing their "edited lives" or "highlight reel" and sometimes people try to post about their struggles to combat that. I think though, that at times even the way you present your struggles is edited to be the best kind of struggle.. if that makes sense. It really is my goal on this blog to be as honest as is appropriate. It's my hope and prayer that if you sat down with me in real life you wouldn't feel like you were meeting a totally different person. In "real life", I'd hope to be able to connect deeper with you, but overall be the same. I obviously only share photos of my home when it's clean, and don't post photos of myself after a sweaty workout, but I think it's important to remember that no matter what a person is sharing on the internet, those moments exist. Everyone has bad days, and everyone has great days and it is what it is. Let's not take the internet too seriously, and just seek to encourage. What do y'all think? :)

Note: Something I've been thinking about as I work through the Blogtember Challenge is that some of my loyal, wonderful, consistent pre-challenge readers may be sick of seeing content that they know I wasn't specifically really inspired to write. I can see it coming out for me with some of these prompts that I'm just not super passionate about, I've even skipped a few that I specifically didn't feel called to write. This challenge has been just that, a challenge, and really fun for me. I hope y'all can enjoy a little bit of different content and look forward to normal programming starting in (glorious!) October. I'm grateful for y'all! XO

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  1. i think these prompts are fun bc we get to hear different stuff! beautiful home and beautiful girl- thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! I've been a long-time pre-challenge reader and I have actually loved reading your posts on these! It's definitely a different type of content for me too but it's fun to see how people interpret the prompts differently!

  3. I love when you said "It really is my goal on this blog to be as honest as is appropriate." YES. I'm all for being authentic, but some things just shouldn't be shared in this online format. Thanks for being real, Victoria!

  4. I wrote about being authentic, but also being upbeat recently on my blog too:

    It made me sad because I had had a moment that was really stressful, but I hadn't fully shared it as it related to other people. The comment I received on my blog though was: "I wish my life was like yours because your situation is so easy."

    Everyone has a life in the real world separated from blogging and social media. I have bad days and sweaty times after working out too ;). Great post!


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