The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 17 | Latest Obsession

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Prompt: Just for fun, your latest obsession. What can you not get enough of these days?

My answer to this question may seem a little silly, but it's my genuine one. I cannot get enough of a well organized household recently. For the most part, I lean on the cleaner side of the world. But efficient is another thing entirely. I've been reading a lot online about how other women organize and structure normal processes in their homes, and I'm hooked. I've also been intentionally cleaning up daily instead of a massive overhaul twice a week. Spending just ten minutes doing a walkthrough has been huge as far as keeping our house mostly clean and lovely. I've cleaned out and purged and created organizational systems in tricky areas of our home. As an overflow of this, I've been spending more of my free time than ever reading blogs of women with wisdom greater than I, and also browsing pinterest. One of my favorite reads lately has been Mix and Match Family's "52 Shades of Shay", that just details how one sweet mama lives life. Call me nosy, but I've found it incredibly fascinating. Ha! So I guess my "obsession" is just learning more about how I can care for the home that we've been blessed with, and love those who visit.

And here's a few more things that have caught my eye:

I am in love with this dress from Lauren Conrad's collection at Kohl's. It's just so gorgeous and posh looking to me! As soon as September is over I'll be picking this up.

This video released a few weeks ago from one of my favorite brands, Emily Ley, made me tear up. Something about it was just so awesome to me! 

Eeeee, I want to go apple picking so bad! 

I've been stalking NYFW via all social media forms.. I especially loved the Carolina Herrera show.

After a year, my forever favorite blog Young House Love updated us on things. I have mixed feelings.. I understand their reasoning for stepping back from blogging but wish we could get at least a monthly update from them.. or something!

Last week I got a maroon pedi to welcome in fall!

One of my favorite things about blogging is the sweet friends that I've made. Tomorrow, I'll be on a plane to visit two blog friends. This week I had a long phone date with another one. It's been especially cool to connect with people all over the world.. and sweet Lucy Claire from Australia is an absolute favorite! She interviewed me for her blog and you can find it here.

I thought this article on my favorite highlighter was super interesting!

Actually, Ben recently banned me from the phrase "I'm obsessed!" because I used to say it so much.. yikes!

Brave Love Blog


  1. I love that polish!! I too have been on a clean organized house kick lately and I'm loving it!!

  2. Oh I love that you are obsessed with organizing your house! I 100% agree, doing quick pick ups versus major overhauls makes a HUGE difference. There is definitely an art to keeping a house organized and efficient, you will have to share any secrets you figure out! ;-)

  3. Love that polish! And that dress is adorable :)
    Grace Anne //

  4. I love that nail polish color... Austen's looking into A&M's new law school in Fort Worth or UNT's new law school in Dallas. I keep telling him as much as I love the Mean Green Eagles (I went there for the beginning of my bachelors), I really want to fly an Aggie flag outside of our house during football season. ;)

    YAY for girls blogger weekends!! Have a blast, sweet friend!


  5. I am going to have to watch that video. I'd love to hear what all you've been reading on organizing things in the home. I'm with you, love that kind of stuff!
    Also, did you listed to that interview with YHL? I really enjoyed it. I do miss them though.


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