The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 2 | An Ideal Day

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Prompt: Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do?

My ideal day includes the following:

Eating food made in our kitchen

a clean house 

getting up at a reasonable time & doing something active

enjoying some sweet time at home 

having a day date with Ben

Wearing a cute outfit that makes me feel extra confident

Spending the evening with sweet friends

What's in your ideal day?

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  1. Good food is always a must. :) I love a clean house but I hate to clean. I wish I could be like Mary Poppins and make the clothes pick themselves up. HA! I 100% agree that an ideal day should include friends. Are you guys on 4-wheelers in that one picture? Enjoyed getting to know you better today.

  2. Love your ideal day! I'd definitely experience it. A clean house makes any day 15x better for sure. And oh man, that porch is GORGEOUS!

  3. Day dates are THE. BEST. What is it about hanging out with your favorite person in the light of day that makes it feel completely indulgent?!

  4. That sounds like the perfect day! I wish I had had time to write a post for perfect day would be something quite similar to this :)

  5. This is too cute!!! Love waking up to a clean home and being able to be active first thing in the morning! I'd add in a pinch of ice cream, I'm such a huge sweets person. I wish I had more balance and could add your ability to not care for them as much. ha!

  6. Day dates are the best! Hope just in time to put on sweatpants and be lazy :-)

  7. That sounds like a great day to me! I always want to do day dates with my hubby but we have yet to make it happen. Well without kids anyway. Ha ha!

  8. Please come decorate my house and feed me yummy salads like the delicious one you made!! Watermelon and feta- so good!!!

  9. that would be a great day! beautiful photos too!! :)

  10. This sounds like a great day! Especially the part about a clean house, haha.

  11. My ideal day would look pretty similar, but reading a book and taking a nap would definitely be somewhere in there :)
    Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn


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