Kristen's Wedding Weekend

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It still feels kind of wild to me that Kristen's wedding weekend has already passed. So much anticipation- and over so quickly! All of the wedding festivities took place in Oklahoma, so I headed up there on Friday morning and we got the party started.

First, Kristen's aunts hosted us a beautiful bridal luncheon at an adorable tearoom. My favorite part of our meal was the appetizer, a cranberry orange scone with lemon curd!

Kristen wanted to arrange all of her own flowers, which ended up being so fun! We each got to do our own bouquet. Kristen's was of course flawless and mine was not, but the blooms she chose were so pretty you could barely notice. :) 

Kristen did such a great job planning so many sweet details for the decorations. These planters were my favorite. The wedding took place in an already precious venue, a vineyard in literally the middle of nowhere. My tires are still covered in red dirt. :) The event was also catered by a burger place called Pops that's off of Route 66.. they brought a big food truck which was really fun. This bridesmaid was starving at the end of the night- and it was so fun to see everyone get their food at the truck!

Before portraits!

Other than the obvious reason that one of my oldest and dearest friends was getting married, my favorite part of this wedding was the mini reunion of people who have invested in our lives. Ben was in his happy place watching the Aggies on the iPhone with our close family friend/boss, Luke. Luke's wife Christy has always served as a mentor to me and actually prayed with all of the bridesmaids before my own wedding. Just 15 minutes before the ceremony started, Luke and Christy (and their son, Gage) called Ben to say that their car had broken on their way, and could he come rescue them. They barely made it back to the ceremony in the nick of time.. and then we got to have our sweet friends with us for the long drive back home in the middle of the night. It was so nice that Luke could keep Ben awake with conversation while the rest of us snoozed. 

The second sweet photo is me with one of our shared flower girls, our youth pastor's daughter. It was so great to see their family and spend time with the girls. I was constantly with them in high school and it really ages me every time I see how much they've grown!

And now a few fancy photos by Mary Clare Photography, aka the fun part!
(find the full blog post of the wedding here)

Yay for sweet friends and sweet weddings!


  1. Looks like fun! Love the photos. I'm dying to know what nail polish she's wearing, haha! :)

  2. My best friend just got married this past weekend and it was such a fun weekend! I absolutely love that y'all got to put your bouquets together, such a sweet memory!! I think yours looks beautiful!! Glad y'all had such a good time and got to see some friends. Friend's wedding are always such a sweet time!

  3. 1. I wish I would have gotten that Anthro dress you have on for the bridesmaids luncheon!
    2. I love how long your hair is!
    3. Gorgeous wedding!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Beautiful pictures!! You both have such great hair!! I'm amazed with your flower skills!! They turned out great!!!


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