The 15 Best Things I Ever Ate

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I wouldn't necessarily describe myself as a foodie, but I really enjoyed reading this blog post on Cupcakes & Cashmere (I guess the idea originated from a tv show on The Food Network). I was of course, inspired to try my hand at making my own list. After reading the post I was so surprised at how something I'd sampled would randomly pop into my mind as a favorite. I'm sure the list will evolve over time.. but I thought I would share a current one. :)

1. Pizza: Pizzaria Trianon Naples, Italy- It makes sense that our most delicious pizza experience would have taken place in the birthplace of pizza.. YUM! I wish we could just jet back and have a slice. All of the ingredients used in Italy are super super fresh, and we avoided tourist trap restaurants while on our trip, so we had amazing pizza experience after another... this one was the best though.

2. Macarons: Laduree Paris- My absolute favorite flavor of macaron is Raspberry, and Ben's is chocolate. This was one of our favorite stops when we visited Paris, and now anytime we're near somewhere that we can get them, it's worth a stop!

3. Burger and fries: Shake Shack- I'm never one to order a burger and fries. I know that's probably weird to a lot of people.. but a burger is never something I'll order unless I'm somewhere that it's the only option, and even then sometimes not. A few years ago my New Year's resolution was no french fries.. and after a year of choosing healthier sides, I can count on one hand the amount of times I've eaten them. However, for me, Shake Shack is a totally different story. For some reason I just LOVE their food.

4. Pasta: Trofie with Pesto Vernazza, Italy- Trofie is a skinny pasta that originated in the Cinque Terre area (I think specifically in Genoa, actually! Not positive) that's designed to hold onto the delicious pesto. By far the best meal we ate during our Italy trip... I really regret not bringing back jars of pesto from Cinque Terre.

Image from here
5. Breakfast Pot Pie: The Smith New York, NY

6. Cookie: Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie Levain Bakery New York, NY- I actually got this one from Emily's list.. I happened to be going to New York right after discovering the blog post. I made my friends treck to this bakery and we were greatly rewarded. I can't wait to get my hands on my next Levain cookie!

7. Cheesecake: Homemade by Aunt Sue

8. Mini Bundt Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes chain- This answer may really stump actual foodies, but after sampling lots of cupcakes I've settled on loving little bundts the best. Yumo!

9. Beverage: Four Flowers Juice at Sarabeth's New York - Another weird eating habit of mine is that I pretty much only drink water. About 2-3 times a winter I'll have a hot chocolate or an apple cider but the rest of the time.. I only drink water. This juice has a $10 price tag but when I read that it had "orange, pineapple, banana, & pomegranate" I was dying to try it. Now it's a go to for me when visiting the city!

10. Ice Cream: Gelato at Il Gelateria Rome, Italy (Mint Chocolate Chip and Nutella Swirl are pictured)- Do I really need to say anything about gelato? :) This combo is my favorite!

As you can see my list isn't complete.. but it will get there one day. :) Do you have any recommendations or things that would make your list?


  1. Hi

    I've been reading your blog for a while and couldn't resist chipping in a couple of recommendations for when you're next in London. I live in the north of the UK so I don't have much London food experience but I've enjoyed the following places when I've been down to visit.

    Burger and Lobster - they serve three things. Burgers, lobster and lobster rolls. I felt like I was forever reading about lobster rolls on American blogs and I was excited to finally try one myself. It was gooooood.

    Franco Manca - tasty pizza.

    Spitalfields market - lots of market eats

    Food hall at Harrods. And then heading to the park to have a picnic.

    I've not been yet, but Duck and Waffle is supposed to be amazing.

    Oh, and if you ever go back to Paris, I'd recommend getting pizza from Pink Flamingo in the 10th arrondissement. You place your order and can go and sit yourself by the canal. They give you a pink ballon that they can identify you by and they come and deliver your pizza to you. It's yummy pizza and a really cool district to wander round.

    If you have the time/funds you could easily day trip to Belgium from London and stuff yourself on waffles and moules frites.

    I'll stop before I turn into a total travel agent. Sorry, I just love eating and travelling!

  2. YES to Shake Shack. Why is that burger so delicious?!

  3. Yes to Shake Shack! I seriously don't think I ate a burger until college (I am a hot dog girl through and through), but since opening my eyes to the world of burgers, Shake Shack is my absolute favorite. And I'm with you on Nothing Bundt Cakes - John and I were so impressed the first time we tried them!

  4. I just had Shake Shack's fries for the first time last week..SO good.

  5. What a fun post!! That pizza looks devine! I LOVE margherita pizzas because they are delish and because they are typically cheaper than the meaty pizzas, so while in Europe a few years ago, my sister and I ordered margherita pizzas in London, Paris, and Nice and it was a fun little tradition for us… my favorite was in Paris at a little restaurant near place de la republique. That drink looks so fresh! I was at sarabeth last spring in NYC and saw that drink but the $10 price tag scared me away. I wish I would have tried it now!! My favorite ice-cream/gelato is Berthillon on Isle St Louis in Paris. My sister swears they had the best mango ice-cream ever (she's tried many other places" and my strawberry was insanely fresh and tasty. And yes, yes, yesss to shake shack!!!!


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