19 Weeks

Saturday, December 26, 2015

how far along: 18 weeks + 2 days at the time of this photo

baby size: the size of a mango.. and weighing a half pound!!!!

baby's progress: senses are developing

weight gain: haven't checked since a few weeks ago!

stretch marks: not that I've noticed

sleep: SNOODLE PILLOW I LOVE YOU! This pillow has made all the difference for me with sleeping on my side. My neck feels so much better.

maternity clothes: Stretchy jeans and a new pair of maternity leggings plus my normal size lulumon wonder under have been amazing. Ben accidentally shrunk my two maternity tee shirts and I've just been wearing flowy/oversized tops

gender: We'll know in just days! EEK!

movement: I FELT BABY THIS WEEK! Sweet little flutters in my tummy after eating and if I'm staying extra still

best moment this week: by far feeling those sweet little flutters.. and two little smocked outfits arriving in the mail

looking forward to: GENDER GENDER GENDER!!! Everything about our party will be so sweet!

food cravings: I don't think I've experienced this yet, but random candies are still what's keeping me from nausea. This week it was tootsie rolls.

anything making you queasy or sick: not in particular, but I still feel this at times.

labor signs: nope!

symptoms: Sporadic nausea, acne galore! glamorous but so worth it.

note: 19 weeks was actually on December 17... I'm late in posting. :) 


  1. You look adorable growing a wee one!!! I'll bet you and Ben are just dying to find out the gender, so fun!

  2. How exciting that you'll find out the gender soon!!

  3. My guess is you are having a girl! We are having a girl, just 5 weeks ahead of you, and you look to be carrying low also! I also had nausea and acne, those were my worst symptoms! I agree that candies helped, have you tried Preggie Pop Drops?


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