2015 Recap: Part One

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I can't believe it's time to recap the year.. Yikes! First, let me say Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband. We celebrate three years of marriage today. :) 


At the beginning of the month, we had our home group's Baby Dedication. It was so fun to celebrate all of the sweet little lives in our community! 

Our dining room had some fun changes.. a new chandelier & gallery wall! 

After a full year of no french fries, I indulged at Chick Fil A. I think I ate them maybe one more time in 2015 that wasn't in my crazy nauseous, first trimester of pregnancy, haha! 

Our great friend Collin came to visit from Nashville!

We completed our bathroom renovation! We are still so pleased with all the colors and fixtures we chose. 

Kassidy & I (along with a few other ladies) hosted a baby shower for our sweet friend Katy's little boy. 

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We enjoyed a fun family trip to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo! It was our niece's first trip!

Ben & I enjoyed a sweet Valentine's Day weekend trip to New York City. We just love traveling together! 

We practiced shooting out at the farm with some close friends. Ben thought this attire was appropriate. :) This same day I got the honor of teaching to a group of high school girls at the FBC Paradise Disciple Now. 

It wouldn't be a Texas winter without some snow/ice days! We spent one of them at Ben's parent's house playing Monopoly. 

Real snowflakes falling in Texas!

The ice spoiled Ben's goal of running a full marathon. Half of the course was iced over, so they only offered the half. He went ahead and ran the half.. and I think we've now decided that the marathon isn't a great idea for his tired knees. Just wasn't meant to be! :) 

We enjoyed a fun fellowship with our home group at Top Golf. We love these people!

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We took a fun day trip to Austin to meet our friends at Southern Weddings & model for the Texas Sweethearts shoot. 

I realized that I didn't blog about this.. but back in high school I told one of our good friends that I knew for sure his first born child would be a boy. I've always had strong gut feelings about genders in the past.. except for ours! Haha! :) We signed a contract (complete with a witness- who had a sweet baby girl in the Spring of the year, too!) to make this bet official. I got my $25 and Aaron + Sarita brought home their sweet baby boy in August! Haha!

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We celebrated a rainy Easter. The dress I wore is such a favorite!

We got chickens and kept them in our backyard until we left for Italy. It's crazy that until I found some photos I forgot this happened. Ben would let them out of their coop for a few hours each day and let them roam our yard... haha! 

We traveled to Oklahoma to celebrate the engagement of our dear friends Kristen and Micah! 

We celebrated the end of our first Bachelor bracket with a cookie cake!

I got sucked into the absolute mayhem of Lilly for Target. Ridiculous! Haha. :) I only ended up liking one item, and it was overall just a huge waste of time. Yikes! I'll stick with my great quality real Lilly splurges on occasion! I actually just got a gift card for Christmas! Thank you brother in law!

We had a family reunion down on the Ragsdale slab.. and dressed alike. :)

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This photo is absolutely awful, but celebrates the sweet day we met our newest cousin, Ashlyn! 

We celebrated the 30th birthday of our friend & home group leader Chris at his awesome 20's themed  casino party. Seriously SUCH a fun event!
On kind of a whim, we booked a trip to Italy for the next month! 

I modeled in the Fort Worth Anthropologie's spring fashion show. Got a stellar discount as a thank you! :) 

Our cherry tree produced some fruit! :) 

We cheered on Liz as she graduated with her masters!

We braved a muddy, rainy day with Susannah and attended the Colonial golf tournament. 

We soaked up some last bits of Texas before a month of travel by picking blackberries at Ben's parent's house!

Meanwhile, our garden did quite well too! Beautiful hydrangeas and a less than impressed bulldog. :) 

I got to visit with two out of town besties.. and later that afternoon we celebrated our Aunt Cathy's retirement from teaching!

Our home group had a murder mystery dinner.. and we all had to dress in costume. This was such a blast and we can't wait for the next one!

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We traveled to Commanche, Texas for Ben, his dad, and his brother Zac to order some custom boots.

We celebrated Ben's last day of school with friends and food trucks!

I took a day trip to Oklahoma with Susan to celebrate Kristen's bridal shower.. and for her to say yes to the dress! 

We started Family Sundays with our amazing friends.. and practiced using our selfie stick!

We spent 17 beautiful days exploring our new favorite county, Italy. I truly cannot express how much we loved this place. The people, the food, the culture.. amazing!

Upon returning to the US.. We hosted Kristen's fiesta themed bridal shower! 

Also incredibly notable is that June was the month where our first baby was conceived. We lost our precious one at the beginning of the next month, but are so grateful for that sweet little life. They are so loved. All of the smiles in the photos from June celebrate the joy of that life. (read more about our story, here.)

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Coming soon... the rest of the year! :)


  1. What a fun year! So much to celebrate! Your home is absolutely gorgeous, I am going to have to go back and look at all those posts!

  2. There is a lot of goodness in this post, but Ben's outfits throughout might just take the cake :)

  3. It has been such a joy to follow along with your 2015...especially the part where I got to meet you in person! :) So excited for all that 2016 holds for the sweet Straders, and happy anniversary!!

  4. I've loved following along your blog this year, your blog has always been a favorite to read. :) So excited to read about your journey this upcoming year with sweet baby Strader and hear about the gender reveal!!! (my vote is girl ;))

  5. A whole lot of goodness for Team Strader this year! Wishing you both or should I say the three of you all the best in 2016! <3


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