December Goals

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A favorite tablescape from my trip to the Magnolia Silos
The last month of the year is here, and it's going to be such a sweet one! It looks like my list of goals is long, but it's really just filled with fun celebrations. I'm so excited to make this December full to the brim with celebration and joy with friends and family! I can't believe that this month we'll finally know more about our baby's little identity. Ben and I have wondered for years about what the gender of our first child would be, knowing that it will set the tone for our family's dynamic. Each time that I think about it, I am so excited and confident in knowing that God is going to give our little family exactly what it needs... I just can't wait to know! After the appointment, we have a gift card to Janie + Jack that we'll go spend on a few treats for our baby.. treats that will be hidden in the closet for the next two days while we keep the secret! Haha! This fall (and now winter is coming) season has been full of sweet supportive friends & great memories with our "community".. when I say that I mean our amazing church home group, and several other friends that we just love so dearly. It's been a sweet season for us, one overflowing with blessing. We're so grateful and anxious to spend the month celebrating the coming of our savior, Jesus!

I'm so proud of us for crossing off an unexpected goal on our list.. I had originally planned on us trying some paint samples for the nursery over December and hopefully painting over Christmas.. but my rockstar husband already knocked this task out over Thanksgiving. Our nursery is beautiful and painted! :) I can't wait to share more of our nursery inspiration soon!

November Goals:

  • Maybe write a Thanksgiving guide, maybe not. Grace. :)
  • work on plans for our gender reveal party, select an invitation and begin working on decorations I'll be sharing our inspiration + invite next week! Getting so excited!
  • finish Christmas shopping
  • host our third Thanksgiving
  • decorate our home for Christmas a few weeks early, for a fun project
  • get my hands on a copy (more like COPIES) of Southern Weddings V8! we bought five total! haha!
December Goals: 
  • mail out our Christmas cards + party invitations
  • host a scarf party for the rest of our home group with my bestie Polly
  • Have several big crafting sessions with my kind friends to make gender reveal decorations
  • finalize all party details by the middle of the month: order cakes, chat with relatives about making their signature dishes, check in with photographer, choose outfits for Ben and I, etc. Can you tell I'm excited about this party? :) 
  • Go on a special Christmas date with Ben, I've got my eye on the Dallas Arboretum 
  • Attend a Phil Wickham, Shane & Shane Christmas worship concert with Ben and my in laws 
  • two doctors visits this month- one on the 3rd, and our GENDER SONOGRAM on New Year's Eve
  • share our Christmas Home Tour 
  • bake a new Christmas sweet treat recipe 
  • bake Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls for us, friends, & family\

What do y'all have planned for this month? I genuinely want to hear how you celebrate the holidays and what you have in store for the month! :)

Ps. Don't worry, I'll have a chance for you to cast your vote on #sweetbabystrader's gender at the first of the year! :) 


  1. I love reading these goals, always inspiring! And I can not wait to hear what sweet baby trader is! This month I'll be finishing my last graduate classes EVER! (eeeeek!!!!!!!!) I plan to enjoy the month by taking a trip to Gatlinburg with the family and enjoying Dollywood at Christmas time and a dinner at the Dixie Stampede. Then at the end of the month I'm hosting my first cookie exchange with a small group of friends. So excited for this month!

  2. I can't wait to see what you do for your gender reveal! I usually have a strong feeling one way or the other, but I don't for you guys yet, so I'm going to keep percolating before I venture a guess :)

  3. oh my those cinnamon rolls are a delight! So much fun!

  4. How fun is it that you get to close out 2015 knowing the gender of this sweet baby? So excited for you both and I cannot WAIT TO HEAR!!! One more month ;)

  5. Big YAY for your holiday home tour, and for finding out if baby Strader is a belle or beau! So excited for y'all in this extra special season! :)


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