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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

One of my November goals was to start figuring out our gender reveal party. At our November 5th appointment, not only did we hear our precious baby's heartbeat for the first time, but we booked our gender sonogram (21 weeks!) for December 31, sealing the date of January 2nd for our party! Having that date in my head not only made me so so so excited, but it really lit the fire under me to start planning.

I know some people think gender reveals are silly.. but from the beginning of our journey Ben and I have both greatly looked forward to this event.. we love hosting others in our home and we recognize that this baby doesn't belong to us, but to the Lord. We have some great friends with precious babes that gave us some wisdom once (without knowing they were), Kathryn told us that they love and enjoy their babies, and so why would they not share that with other people? We are so excited for all of our friends and family to get to know #sweetbabystrader along with us.. we want the people in our lives to get to experience getting to know our baby's personality, snuggling them while they sleep, touching their little toes... and opening our doors to let our friends and family be surprised and celebrate our baby's gender is just the start. I'm so excited about this party and the collaborative effort it has already been. My friend Polly is going to help me make her specialty, a fabric banner. Kayla and Susannah are coming over for a big craft day to do everything else on Friday. Kayla and I are going to Dry Bar the morning of the party for blowouts... it's just going to be so fun for Ben and I to soak up the secret as a little family for two days, and then (for lack of a better word) shower our friends with a fun surprise and good food and fellowship. This is my heart behind our gender reveal.

The vision and color scheme really started coming together once I selected an invitation. Without custom ordering something (which I was trying not to do for budget reasons) it was slim pickins. Until I found this gorgeous download.

Um. Yes. It was the theme I had settled on and everything. Spoiler alert: it was $6. Yeah mama! Or I guess I should say... "Yeah!" - Mama

We are so excited to find out the gender that the Lord saw as a perfect addition to our family.. we just can't wait to know!!! :) 


  1. i've followed your blog for awhile now, so excited for y'all and the new journey! we had my (baby girls') gender reveal in february and also did the "twinkle twinkle little star" theme with mint and gold :)

  2. I love gender reveals! I think they're so fun and I wish more people would do them!

  3. ALL THE RUFFLE BUTTS FOR GIRLS!!! Ah, yes!! That is still one of our favorite things about having a girl. When I was pregnant, Austen thought those bottoms were so stupid, but he now loves them. ;)


  4. I hope it's a little girl...if only to see her in that precious Peel & Eat Lilly Pulitzer baby shift :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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