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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Recently I've been really enjoying taking part in some new linkups. It's helped me find a few new blogs to read. :) But.. sure enough, today isn't the right day. But whatever. Enjoy it anyways! :) 

What we're eating this week...
It's our anniversary week so we had a fun dinner out last night to celebrate. :) We're having another special dining experience tomorrow at PF Chang's after our gender sonogram.

What I'm reminiscing about...
This week three years ago we were getting married and honeymooning in Charleston!

Wedding photos by Caroline Joy photography
What I'm loving...
Taking down our Christmas decorations- haha! Having everything clean and without any major seasonal decor is making me so happy this week! Below is a terrible quality iPhone photo of our sitting room.. all clean and happy! One of our Christmas gifts is also shown.. the ottoman is a new toy box to keep some of the inevitable baby clutter headed our way stored away!

What we've been up to...
It's been so incredibly nice having Ben off of work for two whole glorious weeks. He's been doing a ton of hunting which he loves, and we've been doing lots of cooking at home, lots of holiday/anniversary/baby celebrating, and getting ready for our big party this weekend!

What I'm dreading...
Honestly not really dreading anything, haha! But Ben going back to school will be hard after having him home so much. AND next weekend he's going skiing with his dad and brother for 5 days so I'll be a lonely gal. Well. I'll be as lonely as a gal can be knowing her baby's gender and being on etsy for hours.. ha!

What I'm working on...
Y'all are going to be so relieved when my gender reveal party is over with and I have other things to talk about. :) Haha!! But this week is crunch time for party planning! The majority of the decor is already made, I need to figure out our fun little way for people to vote on their guess, get prizes, and pick up a few more last minute things. We are so excited to have everyone we love in our home.. and the weather is looking awesome. Partly cloudy and 55! YAY!

What I'm excited about...
GENDER SONOGRAM TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! It is going to be so fun for Ben and I to be the only people who know for a few days. :)

What I'm watching/reading...
Fixer Upper & Pioneer Woman marathons on repeat! The holiday plus my love for sleep during this pregnancy mean lots of logged couch time

What I'm listening to...
the sound of the washing machine and the dishwasher running.. I love you, productivity!

What I'm wearing...
Luluemon wonder under leggings (my same pair I've had for years) on repeat. The high waist is awesome and comfy for this baby belly. I also purchased a "blardigan" and am obsessed. It is so cozy and worth it!

What I'm doing this weekend...
YAY for finally hosting our Gender Reveal Party on Saturday. I'll start the day at my first ever Drybar appointment with my besties, and then we'll pick up some last minute goodies, and do last minute prep to set up for the party at 4. I'm hoping to announce on social media shortly after the reveal at 4:30.. so follow me on instagram to be the first to know- @victoriastrader.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Being able to think about our baby by name (hopefully we'll decide on a boy name soon!) & work on decorating the nursery.

What else is new...
Once we finish up our current stock of cleaning supplies (wet mop pads, dishwasher tablets, detergent, etc.) I'm thinking about signing up to do the Honest company bundles. We've been using Honest's multipurpose spray & dryer sheets and love them.. and I'm wondering if the bundle would be a great way to simplify when baby comes. Has anyone else done this or thought about it? For 5 things it's $35 "a month".. you can delay your shipping to when you need new things. This seems reasonable. I'd love to hear from you if you've done this! I just love ordering practical home things online... getting them delivered and not worrying about remembering to get them at the store is just awesome.

PS I really am sorry for mostly talking about pregnancy related things if that's not interesting to you.. More than ever this week is kind of centered around our changes ahead! :) 


  1. I think you are one of the only people who likes to take down Christmas decorations! I do agree though, having the house back to normal and clean is so nice. Just followed you on instagram, we are revealing this weekend too, can't wait to see what you are having!

  2. Girl, my decorations were down on the 26th. I love them, but I was also ready for my house to return to normal. Also, SO SO EXCITED for gender reveal!!!!!

  3. That's awesome you have your decorations down already...I have plans to do that myself this weekend. Always sad to take them down, but once Christmas is over, I am ready for things to be clean and fresh! Can't wait for the gender announcement!

  4. That ottoman though! So pretty! Where did you find it?

    We don't do the honest bundles, but if you don't have Amazon Prime, I highly recommend it. Totally saved us in those first few months after baby was born and I couldn't make it out of the house to accomplish anything. We order our diapers and other baby and household essentials from Amazon and save lots of money that way. Plus if you forget a birthday is coming up (easy to do with that new-momma brain), everything shows up to your door in 2 days.

  5. I'm so, so excited to hear which gender your little one is! And I'm with you on the Christmas decor. I love it while it's up, but I do love redecorating afterwards and having a fresh/clean space :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  6. What a sweet week to find out your babe's gender! Happy anniversary!

  7. I'm a big fan of Honest bundles! We do them every 4-6 weeks and it's FAB! You'll love it, especially with the little one! Can't wait to find out the gender! : )


    Winsome & Gold

  8. I can't wait to hear about the gender!!!! I love reading your posts about all things baby! :) Also loving your gorgeous ottoman! Love the idea of storing toys in something so beautiful. We get the honest household bundles and I've really loved having their products. It's also a fun thing to get in the mail!


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