2015 Recap: Part Two

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Truthfully, July transitioned us into a new season. I have very few photos from this time. We were in a period of mourning the loss of our first baby. That doesn't make for a super interesting few months in a 2015 recap.. but it's what we were walking through. I hate that this is the analogy that I'm about to use but you know how in the second Twilight movie she just sits in the chair and you see the seasons change? That's how I feel about those months. We sobbed and tried to move forward with the and strength of great friends. During this time, I also blogged a TON. I expected myself to retreat, but blogging about random things turned into great healing for me.

This month, I allowed myself to coop up in the house until spending a few days in NYC with some of my forever friends.

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The image above was taken before church one Sunday. I knew that day that I was pregnant again. I didn't take the test until Thursday morning, but I knew.

I visited Nicole with Jamie, and we had a really sweet time. It's amazing how natural our time together felt after never having met before.

My dear friend Kristen married her love. During this week, too, I started what began a long period of rough morning sickness. Another reason why the photos from in this post don't even come close to the amount in my first recap.

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During this month I traveled to NYC for a record breaking third time, managed morning sickness, hosted a baby shower for our cousin Shelley, and on the last day of the month, we announced our second pregnancy. 

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This month was more morning sickness, celebrating the Lord's faithfulness in the life of my friend Laura, getting to finally see the images from our Southern Weddings shoot, a day trip to the Silos, and hosting our third Thanksgiving. 

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This month went by so incredibly quick. We did lots of Christmassy things, some projects around the house, and on the last day of the year, found out that we were expecting a precious baby boy. We have much to be grateful for. 2015 was our best and our worst. I've never felt more close in our marriage, and I'm excited for the days ahead.

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  1. Nicole's just the sweetest! I met her for about 25 minutes in a bustling NYC Starbucks two summers ago, and I'll never forget those precious moments with such a sweet gal! On a different note, I'm glad 2015 ended on a good note for y'all, and I just can't wait where 2016 takes you!

  2. This year was definitely one for the books! So happy for you that it ended on a high. Also, SO jealous that you went to the silos...I LOVE Fixer Upper!


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