Bits of Victoria: Skincare Routine

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I'm so into reading blog posts about how people take care of simple things in their lives. The first one I got really hooked on is Shay Shull's Shades of Shay. I loved reading about her laundry routine, and tons of other normal but oh so interesting things. I picked up tons of tips. It had been on my mind for awhile to do something similar... and then I got sucked into Sweet Southern Prep's How I Do It series. Same concept, and it sealed the deal for me that I want to try something similar here on my blog. My friend Sarah came up with the name "Bits of Victoria"... I hope y'all will find this interesting! I'd love to hear suggestions on topics you'd enjoy reading about, so feel free to leave those in a comment or email me. :) Thanks in advance!

First, I'm going to start with skincare. I have never really had skin issues, but pregnancy has given me acne galore. Not fun at all!, but so worth it for baby boy! I've been more happy with the products I've been using now than in a really long time. Let me share!

Makeup Eraser- I put on a ton of mascara, and always have issues with removing it. I've used makeup remover wipes of all brands (Neutrogena, Simple, Garner, Target brand...) and they work, but not super well. I've also used just a liquid eye makeup remover with cotton pads. That works too, but again.. I always felt myself tugging at my eyes and I hated that feeling. It always took awhile in the evenings and was the last thing I wanted to do. Enter the AMAZING Makeup Eraser into my life. It's just a washcloth with a $20 price tag. You run it under hot water and then use it to gently rub your face.. and makeup is gone almost instantly. It seems truly magic to me which is crazy! Whenever I find a product I love I want to shout it from the rooftops.. and this is one you NEED! At around $5 a pop for 25 drugstore makeup remover wipes, this little guy will pay for itself rather quickly. It's good for 1,000 washes and you're supposed to wash it once a week. Another one is on my wishlist so that I can have one in the wash, one for use. (Shoutout to Jamie for finally getting me to try this!)

That being said, my first nighttime skincare step is to remove all of my makeup using the makeup eraser and warm water. Then I move on to cleansing.

Philosophy Purity Face Wash - My husband is really picky about the scents of things I put on my skin, and he is great with this one. He even uses it himself occasionally. The only downside is the large price tag, and here's how I avoid it. During the year, it is $24 for 8 oz, and $36 for 16 oz. YIKES. I purchase our face wash once a year during the summer Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They always have a kit for $52 that includes a 32 oz bottle and an 8 oz bottle. I've done this the last few years. I actually only just opened my summer 2015 big bottle last week. $52 sounds like a ton but if you divide that by a year, it's about $4 a month. I'd spend more than $4 a month at the drugstore, so this works for us! Plus you're getting a great quality face wash. It's a win-win in my book. :)

I use a little blob of the Purity face wash on my Clarasonic Mia 2 to cleanse.

After cleansing, I pat my face dry with a towel, and moisturize! First with:

Fresh Eye Cream - I'm not super knowledgable about eye creams.. but the gal at Sephora recommended this and I've enjoyed it! I'm also interested in trying the First Aid Beauty one whenever this is done.. but I really like that this one is a Youth Preserve.

CeraVe Moisturizer- A friend recommended this drug store moisturizer to me, and she got the rec from her dermatologist. I've enjoyed it although in the future I might want to look into something anti aging.

If I am having acne, which I currently do because of my pregnancy, I'll use a little bit of Mario Badescu drying lotion. If you put it on the blemish before bed, you'll wake up with it almost completely gone. It's amazing!

In the morning, I'll just cleanse and moisturize again. Occasionally if I'm not feeling up to the whole hoopla I'll use Yes to Blueberries wipes.

Do y'all have any amazing skincare tricks up your sleeve? I realized when writing this post how crazy I sound with my cleanser price breakdown. Haha!

PS. Next Thursday, January 14, Sarah and I are hosting a linkup to get everyone ready for reading in the year 2016! We're hoping to get some sweet friends posting about what they read last year and what they want to read in the year ahead! Please consider joining us! :)


  1. I must try that make up eraser!!! I have the same problem with mascara. I love it, but hate trying to take it off!

  2. Great list! How do you like your clarisonic, I have never been able to bite the bullet.

  3. That makeup eraser sounds AMAZING! Love this series idea! Can't wait to learn more 'bits!'

  4. Okay I think I want the Clarisonic but don't know which one to get. What made you get the Mia 2?

  5. Never heard of the eraser! thats so cool! I love Fresh products. Because my skin is so oily I just the Umbrian clay mattfying scrub, and then at nice i use my clarasonic and a cleanser. But I will say, the Fresh black tea firming moisturizer is AMAZING! Put it on at night and wake up with nice plump moisturized skin. So glad you're sharing this, I also love these series! :)

  6. I would love a blog post on how you shop and budget for clothing. I know you have a budget that you honor each month-- yet you always have the most beautiful pieces in your wardrobe. Obviously, I don't expect you to share your personal finances with us :) I was just hoping for a little information on how you budget and save for more expensive pieces each month. I love anthropologie and your adorable dresses. I really respect that while you have such a beautiful wardrobe, you are still seemingly mindful and respectful of your financial situation.

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  8. Jonathan put a Makeup Eraser in my stocking for Christmas, and it is AMAZING!!! I am going to buy another in case they discontinue it! And I'm going to buy them for all my friends. Haha! Also, I have used Purity Made Simple for years and like it a lot. Recently I've heard it compared to Perricone MD's nutritive cleanser, with the latter being much better and gentler, so I am going to give it a try! I love my Clarisonic too :) Love this post and can't wait for Book Club Thursday! I read a lot and would enjoy participating!

  9. I'm super curious about the fMake Up eraser! I tend to use more natural products so I love that you don't need anything with it. Is it microfiber? I haven't used it personally, but it sounds like Norwex.

  10. That makeup eraser is on my list of things to try!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  11. It's really fun to get a peek into the self care routines of others :) I am going to research that makeup eraser today because that sounds lovely and cost-effective!

  12. As with many other commenters, I'm intrigued by the makeup eraser! I use Neutrogena wipes and bought Lancome eye makeup remover after it was recommended in one of Joanna's beauty interviews, but I don't feel like it's the perfect solution! I also use my Clarisonic twice a week :)

  13. Hello. I have been following you blog for three year now, I think. The envelope system is how I found you. But I just have to first send my congrats on baby strader he is going to be so cute. Congrats!!! The other thing is mentioning the Makeup Eraser. I trust your judgement and went to Sophia and bought it. And I LOVE IT!!!! IT works amazing. It use to take a long time to get ready for bed and now its so easy and my skin feels clean too. THANK YOU THANK YOU for mentioning it.


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