British Belle: Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Haul

Monday, January 11, 2016

I can't help myself.. I just plain love Lilly Pulitzer. I love the story behind the brand. I love the pieces. Even Ben has a very distinct dream of one day being able to take a daughter there to pick out an Easter dress (I married the right man, I'm telling you!)

For the most part, the quality is great, but it comes with a high price tag. If Lilly is even slightly on your radar, I'm sure you know that last week was one of their semi-annual online sales. If you aren't familiar and you're curious.. google it. You have to be in an online line and everything. No messing around. In the past I've had technology failures when it comes to this sale.. but this time I had some major scores! The only downside is that a few of these pieces will have to stay in my closet until May, when Sweet Baby Strader comes! 

The Ashby Lace Up Tunic Dress (original price was $200, I got it for $74!) 

Colette Lace Tunic Dress (originally $298, snagged for $79!!!!!!!) 
I purchased this in a size up, to try and wear a bit during pregnancy... semi good decision bc I can totally wear this during pregnancy, although I wish I would have stuck with my normal size small. My one big Lilly complaint is that their sizing varies so much from style to style. This dress is GORGEOUS but a little big, even right now. I'll probably get it altered, at least in the arms for right now.. but I'm thinking this could be great to wear to a shower. :) When I was searching for a photo, I was excited to also see it in this blog post.  

Aerial Flowy Tank in Indigo Trunk (Original Price: $118.. I got it for $54) 
This was one item I REALLY wanted so I'm thrilled! When it came out I had my eye on it but couldn't justify the price tag.. but seriously how cute will this be with white jeans!! 

Bree Striped Fit and Flare Dress (Originally $178, purchased for $49!)
This was another item that I tried on in store in the fall, I about died when I saw the marked down price! Something that really surprised me though, is that this dress looked SO cute with my baby bump. Stretchy dresses, sneaking in and being cute. So excited about this one, it exceeded my expectations. Another potential shower option! 

Aaaaaaaand now no shopping for a long time. :) I think it will be so fun to pull out these pieces fresh and ready for me in the summer after baby comes. Did y'all shop this sale or is it just me who jumped in with the crazies? :) I'd love to hear what y'all got! Seriously!

PS. THIS Thursday, January 14, Sarah and I are hosting a linkup to get everyone ready for reading in the year 2016! We're hoping to get some sweet friends posting about what they read last year and what they want to read in the year ahead! Please consider joining us! :) Sarah is going to share what she read in December and her favorite books of 2015.. I'll be sharing my favorites of 2015 & my reading list for the next year. Whatever you want to post about reading, link up!


  1. I love that fit and flare! I'm bummed I missed it!! I logged on to the sale, was 36,000th in line, forgot about it, and got back on to check one thing real quick... and got distracted again. Sad!! The sales are the best!!

  2. The blue and white striped dress is gorgeous! And such a great price. I wasn't sure how much things actually were on sale, but these all seem like great deals.

  3. Omg I really missed out on a great sale! I didn't really know who Lilly Pulitzer was but now I do! I love that white tunic dress!! What great steals you got!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  4. I got the Bree too. I also got a captiva tunic to add to my collection. Good choices!! New follower!

  5. I am so excited for you to wear the white lace tunic.....I know it will look so good on you! And because your hair is so fab :) And I'm so excited about Thursday!!

  6. Whee! I bought the Bree in the green color! After I borrowed Kristen's Bree for the SW team photos this year I have been obsessed with tracking one down for myself (I would have paid her good money for hers but it was two sizes too big and we had to clamp it for photos!). I was so happy to see it in the sale, even though the sleeves are a bit different! Excited to try it on now that I no longer have Miss June inside me :)

  7. I LOVE that Colette dress, I wish I had snagged it during the sale, but I was just so unsure of sizing. I managed to get two Elsa's (perfect for student teaching!), a pair of Georgia May palazzos (also great for student teaching), and a fab shift that I plan to wear for Easter and graduation...and just about every other occasion! :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  8. Ah! So many cute finds! I LOVE that Bree dress. How fun it will be to pull them out this Summer.


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