Friday No. 25

Friday, January 22, 2016

Last weekend, we traveled to visit some out of town cousins and meet their brand new baby girl! She is about four days old in the photos below, what a sweet girl! 

This photo makes me so excited.. just saying. :)

Sweet baby Sunny is so loved! She was such a snuggly little girl who looks just like her mama, our cousin Shelley. She has her dad's red hair though. :) Can't even handle.. so so sweet! It was kind of a surreal thing to be around a newborn knowing that there's one 1/7 of her size hanging out in my belly.

I about died when I saw these pajamas. First of all, I basically live in pajamas these days (no joke I have them on as I'm writing) and they have scenes from London, Paris, and Italy! Our favorite places. :) They're my first pair of PJ Salvage flannels but they won't be the last.. I'm obsessed. These guys are so cozy. I never would have bought them unless they were on sale but they are perfectly warm and cozy. I've had fun wearing them the last few days. :)

I shared this photo of our mantle on instagram this week. I had struggled with styling our mantle for some time. The space above the shelf isn't that tall, which is limiting. And the two photo frames on the side are covering electric outlets. I finally managed to hide the eyesores and have a simple look. I'm loving it!

What do y'all have going on this week? Happy Friday! :)


  1. Ben looks so comfortable with the beautiful and precious Sunny. (Love that name!) And me? My firstborn is coming home for the weekend and we get to love on her. Makes this momma pretty happy!

  2. Love those PJ's! And I've held a bunch of babies in my life but it never ceases to amaze me how small they really are!

  3. Oh my goodness, wait until I show you a picture of our fireplace in our new house. I fell in love with the detailing of the brick, BUT, there's 3 different outlets on it. THREE?! Two above the mantle and one on the side. Whyyy someone would drill into brick to put an outlet is beyond me, but we're going to make the most of it by styling and hiding it as best we can (& it's a great excuse for diffusers on the mantle now, haha).

    Did you see that GAP has baby onesies of city scenes on sale for about $5? They have London, Paris, Italy, and New York. I totally thought of you!


  4. Love you simple mantle. It looks clean and classic!

  5. Your mantle is beautiful - I love it!!


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