Friday No. 26

Friday, January 29, 2016

No. 1

Last Friday night I got to check out a Dallas restaurant that had been on my wish list for awhile, Sissy's Southern Kitchen. The atmosphere and details were even better than I could have imagined.. and the food was great. I can't wait to return with Ben! I got the chicken fried steak (I hadn't had one in YEARS!) and pecan pie for dessert. So, so, so yummy!

This may be weird, but the decoration of the bathroom left me almost speechless- it was beautiful! And the candle burning in there was so amazing. I made friends with two ladies in there talking about it so we took it out of the hurricane to see what it was.. and I discovered the first time in my life I had ever considered really wanting a $60 candle. YIKES!! Haha. It was a Champagne scented Lafco candle, and it's inspired me to try to find a more reasonably priced Champagne scent. It's something I never would have thought I would be drawn to.. but I loved it.

No. 2

When I get my mind set on a home project, there's no turning back! Since we moved into our house, we've had this awkward space by our fridge. For awhile it held our dog's kennel during the hot summer months, and often times for parties it would hold a beverage table. I wanted something more permanent.

As our little family has become more and more settled, I realized how important it is to have control of all your boring adult stuff. Files, calendars, etc. I know some people don't like these, but I dream of having a built in desk in our kitchen one day. It just makes sense for me to be able to do all of my stuff at a desk in the heart of the home. But that's a ways away.. and I wanted something that would work for us now. I had hung the bulletin board months ago and have loved using it to hold birth announcements, save the dates, and party invites. Everyone please put your photos on everything and I'll keep you up forever. :) We've loved having the random images of people we love up year round. A few weeks ago it hit me that I could set up some kind of drop station for all of our stuff. A trip to Target for a bookshelf and a TON of internet searching for file baskets (Linens and Things.. who would have guessed?!) later.. we have our wonderful little organized family zone. I am so so happy with it! I've got my eye out for some kind of cute little bowl or tray to keep keys, wallets, etc. :)

No. 3

My first two baby shower invitations arrived in the mail this week and I about died. I love throwing showers, and seeing my own name on the invitation was such a cool thing. I'm so excited that our first celebration will be our family shower in just two weeks!

No. 4

I really enjoyed reading this post by Lysa TerKeurst on Southern Weddings.. For some reason I've always looked forward to the idea of being the parent at the wedding, and I loved this sweet perspective.

Another link I loved this week was Dax Shepherd + Kristen Bell's music video. Why are they so cool? 

No. 5

Sweet Baby Strader's first monogrammed outfit arrived in the mail yesterday.. and I'm obsessed! Can't wait to see him in these sweet things from Bella Bliss . :)

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  1. The chicken fried steak and pecan pie looking amazing!! I love your area next the fridge!

  2. At this very moment I'm working on our family binder with budget, menu, and calendar printables. I am dying over your little family organization area!!!! Definitely need to find a place in our house. PS now I'm trying every name combination to figure out what Baby Strader's name will be!!! hahahaha

  3. Love your little station, also that video is amazing! I could so see my husband wanting to do something like that. haha

  4. well your pictures have me drooooling girl! how fun! so glad i found your blog through the link up! hope youll stop by mine as well :D

  5. What lovely invitations!!! Best wishes at your showers!!

    Have a great weekend! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  6. I've heard Sissy's is amazing!! Gorgeous invites!

  7. Love the idea of a bulletin board for invites, announcements, etc. This one is so cute! I just might have to put one in our kitchen as well. Also, Bath and Body Works has a great champagne candle called champagne toast. I'm not sure how similar it is to the Lafco candle, but it smells great!

  8. Those little boy outfits are so cute! We moved in December to a house with a desk in the kitchen, and we are re-doing our kitchen this summer and I figured we'd get rid of the desk. But after living here with it for a few months, I LOVE it! Definitely a keeper!

  9. I'm in love with the plates at that restaurant! Gorgeous! Wish we had that around here!

  10. That chicken fried steak looks and sounds SO good!! Love your baby shower invites!! I'm in the process of planning two showers for friends so I'll have to get ideas from yours!! ;)

  11. That restaurant looks delicious. I might have to try it sometime soon! Those invitations are gorgeous!! And I love your cute little table next to the refrigerator!

  12. those teeny tiny baby onesies! So, so sweet!

  13. Which cafe appears scrumptious. We may need to check it out at some point quickly! Individuals invites tend to be beautiful!! As well as I really like your own adorable small desk alongside the actual fridge!


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