February Goals

Monday, February 1, 2016

February is going to be a busy month for us. I'll be traveling two out of the four weekends, and of the others... one is Valentines Day weekend and my first baby shower, and the other is my second shower, and I'm also hosting one! It will be a busy month of fun weekends and I'm excited to use my weekdays intentionally to get stuff done and run our home well. After a whirlwind last year I'm finally in my groove of routine again. We've fallen into a rhythm of cleaning habits and meal planning that I think will serve as well as we become new parents. One example: I used to be incredible at doing laundry. The second the buzzer would go off I'd fold and put away the clothes. And then my senior year of college hit- haha! For some reason, since then laundry has been my worst chore! I would put it off and put it off and then be overwhelmed by it. But after discovering our machine has a sensor that allows me to do loads of any size without wasting water, I've been doing a load every day or every other day and it's made me feel like I'm the absolute queen. It may seem like a crazy amount of loads for just the two of us.. but again, good habits. :) A highlight of January was doing the Emily Ley Simplicity challenge and doing small little things to get us on track. When she posts the whole challenge, I'll link to it! :) 

January Goals
host our gender reveal party on the 2nd to celebrate the life of our Sweet Baby Strader 
Make my list of 52 people I want to reach out to this year
Begin reading Babywise finished this and one other baby book this month!
Have a date night with Ben where we make our bucket list & rework our budget
Schedule our maternity photos for March with Dyan Kethely 
Make a list of prayers for Sweet Baby Strader
Purchase nursery bedding 
Work on picking a scripture that we want to display in the nursery Custom sign request has been sent!
Declutter all areas
Register for birth class + nursing class at our hospital
Take our stockings to get monogrammed
Register for #SweetBabyStrader, go on a date night to actually look at strollers and carseats 

February Goals
Make a list of people I want to reconnect with 
Finish decluttering all of my entertaining supplies
Make a prayer list for Sweet Baby Strader
Take a big group of goodies (stockings included) to get monogrammed
get my maternity photos dress hemmed
celebrate Sweet Baby Strader at my first two baby showers (one for family & one in our hometown)
Travel to Austin to attend IF: Gathering with some sweet friends
Travel to Nashville to see some of our favorite people, Collin & the Teasley family!
Host a bridal shower for my friend Lyndsey
wrap up all my shower hostess gifts (would y'all be interested in seeing what I do for this?)
Style the shelves in the nursery

What do y'all have going on this month?


  1. Would love to see your shower hostess gifts, I have some coming up as well and need some ideas!

  2. Really unglamorous question, what kind of washing machine do you have? We bought one when we bought our home two years ago & the stupid thing doesn't work- so it looks like we need to replace it. I like the idea of having one that can sense the size of a load & not waste water.

  3. Looks like it is going to be a really sweet month of celebrating that baby boy!!!

  4. Yes, please share your shower hostess gifts! Sounds like you have a busy month, but filled with so many wonderful things!

  5. You forgot to add me to your Nashville list!!!! I CANT WAIT!

  6. I really enjoyed Emily Ley's Simplicity challenge as well. I am horrible with laundry. It never ends! Enjoy your month celebrating sweet baby boy!

  7. Yay for fun travels - Austin and Nashville are two fabulous spots!

  8. How fun that you get to attend IF in person! :) I'm attending locally at my church in NH and am really looking forward to what all God is going to do. My monthly goals for February can be found here :)

  9. You've got such a fun month ahead of you! I can't wait to hear about your showers!

  10. I would love to see what you pick out and how you package your hostess gifts, and I hope we get to see a recap of your shower gifts-seeing what other people get always helps me pick out better gifts, and I have lots of baby showers coming up soon!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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