Our Valentine's Day Weekend + My Family Baby Shower

Monday, February 15, 2016

We knew we had a busy weekend ahead & wanted to skip out on any crowds, so we decided to go on a Valentine's Day date on Friday night. I mentioned here, that I had eaten at Sissy's and really wanted to take Ben back. He surprised me and had made a reservation and it ended up being the absolute perfect spot for us to have a fun valentine outing to!

The reservation was at 6... which for some might be too early but for us it was perfect! It took us about an hour to get into Dallas and although it was a shorter trip home (no traffic!) we've had early bedtimes at our house recently. It was also nice because we arrived at an almost empty restaurant and watched it fill up over the two hours we were there. 

We were originally totally opposed to the fixed price Valentine's Day Menu, but then decided it sounded yummy AND was a great deal. It was also a great way to spread out our evening with lots of courses.

It started with an oyster which neither of us had ever had before.. we seriously almost googled "how to eat an oyster" haha! It was okay.. not my fave but I'm glad we tried it. :) The rest of the meal, however.. was delicious! The starter was a crab soup and then a pear salad, Surf and Turf, then a flourless chocolate cake. YUM. We left happy and full!

Pregnancy hormone disclosure: multiple times I looked at Ben crying and said "I'm just crying because I love you and our baby so much!!!" I'm crazy. :)

On Saturday lunchtime was my family baby shower. My sister in law Kayce headed up the planning with help from lots of extended family on food, and our close family friend Amanda planned the game. They truly went so above and beyond and I felt so loved. Kayce said that she prayed for creativity and that she would plan something that was consistent with what I would want to wear to a baby shower. This ended up being funny and sweet because last minute I changed my outfit...

and ended up matching the shower completely!

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (sold out) Necklace: Kendra Scott (birthday discount what what!!)

The game we played involved feeling the item in each of the numbered bags (but not looking!) and then all writing down our guesses to what the goodies were. Our cousin Shelley, who has a four week old baby guessed them all which we thought was so funny and sweet since she obviously was currently using them all, haha!

Baby boy is about to be SO loved on by all his girl extended cousins.. haha! :) 

We got so many sweet gifts and felt so cared for by our family. It was a really precious day that we will always remember! 

Towards the end of the shower, Ben came to thank all of our family again and to load the presents in our car. We headed home for a little bit and then went to go eat dinner with our friends, the Bashaws. 

Kathryn said that when she was pregnant she craved comfort food, so she made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a jalepeno cheese dip! YUM. It was such a delicious meal spent with one of our favorite families. Josh and Kathryn have two little girls and a baby boy and we adore them! Their oldest, Myla, has a particularly sweet relationship with Ben so they snuggled all night long. :) 

Sunday morning we had to pass on church for the week and get some stuff done at my dad's new ranch. He closed on it on Friday and Ben is basically in charge of all of the stuff involving cattle, so we needed to go out there to load some cattle to take to sell. 

After dropping off the cows, we enjoyed an extended family lunch at Ben's parent's house and then while Ben played basketball with his brothers and Spencer I took a nap. We were so exhausted from our busy weekend! It was so nice that we had already celebrated valentine's day and just got to chill at the house. Ben didn't want to watch the Bachelor 20th anniversary special with me though, my only complaint. ;) I'll watch today, haha! 

Hope y'all had an incredibly sweet weekend, whatever you were doing! :) 


  1. The crying doesn't stop! I can't even tell you how many times I've just started crying because "I love you and the baby so much!" Now that he's actually here!

  2. That dress looks AWESOME on you!! Love it!! Your shower turned out beautiful (just as I expected it would)!! Love, love, love the sweet incorporation of Valentine's Day in it!

  3. Your family shower is so precious! And your dad bought a cattle ranch, what what! FIVE DAYS!!

  4. What a lovely baby shower - I love the flowers and your outfit!

  5. Sissy's looks so cute and quaint! So glad you posted about your experience, I definitely would love to check it out. Your shower looks so sweet, and you looked beautiful!! Such fun memories you're making. :)

  6. Dinner Friday sounds absolutely amazing. As does your look gorgeous and all the details are just so special! What a great weekend!

  7. Your baby shower looked beautiful! So many thoughtful details! And what a fun Valentine's date!

  8. You're just glowing, my friend! Such a beautiful soul you are. Prayers for more wonderful and relaxing days ahead before the REAL adventure begins!

  9. Beautiful shower! I love the dress you wore! Great memories!

  10. What a precious shower theme! It has been and continues to be so sweet to follow along with your pregnancy journey! :)


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