Second Trimester Update

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Favorite Moments: 

Celebrating the Holidays & looking forward to next year with #SweetBabyStrader
#SBS has a few pairs of Christmas jammies all ready to go for next year.. I couldn't resist. Seeing everyone celebrate Christmas made us so excited for the years ahead of celebrating with our sweet little one!

Feeling better from crazy morning sickness.. around 18 weeks it got mostly under control as long as I still take my medicine

Finding out that #SweetBabyStrader is a boy!!
I'll never forget shaking with joy and anticipation while headed to our gender sonogram. We were both pretty convinced we were having a girl and I can barely describe the feelings of happiness that have swelled up in my heart for our little boy. I know I would have been happy either way, but I can't imagine the dynamic of our family starting any other way now. All the baby blue just makes sense and we are so pumped. 

Celebrating with friends and family at our gender reveal party
January 2nd will forever more be one of my favorite days.. starting the day with a fun dry bar appointment and having friends and family in our home all day was just the best! We probably won't do another gender reveal party just because I would hate for people to place expectations on if we "should" want another boy or a baby girl.. but I'd love to think of another fun way to celebrate life! 

Having my first baby shower and having three more on the calendar!

Scheduling our maternity photos

Getting back in my healthy eating and work out routine, for the most part!
I'm eating healthy a lot more than I'm working out, but I've managed to fit a workout back in my week 2-3 times. Some weeks I've been extra lethargic and not worked out and I honestly think it's kind of counter productive. Just working out at all makes me excited to really challenge myself once Sweet Baby Strader is here! 

Naming our Boy
Although we are waiting to publicly share the name until his birthday, being 100% sure on a name and calling him by name, hearing others call him by name.. has just been really encouraging and fun. 


Being told I had Cancer
What? Yeah. That happened. The Sunday before Thanksgiving we found what we thought was a small black mole on my side. We made an emergency appointment at a dermatologist and went in on Tuesday, pretty worried and shaken up about it. The doctor told us straight that he was certain it was cancerous and at the very smallest I would be back to get more skin removed, but that he could tell it wasn't good. Aka stress all the week of Thanksgiving. The doctor personally called us that Sunday to apologize and say that it came back as a burst blood vessel. Everything was/is fine, except I now have a massive scar from getting a ton of skin removed. Yikes. This was just really unwelcome stress for us. 
The few times we've driven by that dermatologist office we've shaken our fists in the general direction of the doctor, haha! 

Being a little too excited for May
Because of the loss of our first precious baby, it very much feels like I have been pregnant since last June. Although for the most part I'm feeling good, it's been hard at times for me to be content and not wish the next few months away. We are just so grateful to the Lord for providing such a precious life! We cannot wait to meet our boy. 

I'm so excited to be entering the third trimester! Although I said above this pregnancy has felt long, I still can't fathom the fact that in three months we will have met our son. EEEEEEEK! :) My glucose test is tomorrow and after that I'll go to doctors appointments every two weeks until mid April when it switches to every week. Our last out of town trip before baby is this weekend. Much to be thankful for in our house!


  1. Oh my word, what a scare with being told you had cancer!! So glad it turned out to not be that - even if you did have to go through a procedure. Good luck with your glucose test!

  2. You are so darling! And don't feel bad for wishing the time away. I am 27 weeks over here and today just thought 'can these next 13 weeks just be DONE!?' ;-) It is such a precious time and really is worth savoring, but I can confidently say having your precious boy in your arms justifies wanting to speed things up a bit because there is nothing in the world like it!

  3. Welcome to the 3rd trimester! The past few weeks have flown by for me, I know how you feel about being a little too excited for your due date! I feel your pain about having a mole removed; I've had a few removed that turned out to be benign, but that doctor handled telling you his opinion horribly!

  4. You look just glowing!!! Thank heavens it wasn't actually cancer, how nerve wracking!

  5. oh dear heavens nearly fell out of my chair at the cancer scare. no ma'am, nearly jerked my heart. So happy to hear tho that momma, baby, and dad are doing well and you got to celebrate your baby shower! yay! i got to feel my bestie (30weeks) baby kick this morning and my heart nearly exploded. so excited for you!! :)


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