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Thursday, February 25, 2016

When we found out that we were having a boy, one of the first things I did was place an order to Smocked Auctions.  Smocked clothes aren't for everyone, but I tend to gravitate towards really classic baby styles. Multiple people have said I like "Downton Abbey child style" haha! But the smocks are just really sweet and Southern, and I think timeless. I have several sweet smocked and appliquéd things that Ben wore as a little tot and that our sweet boy will now wear.

My friend McKenna and I bonded over our love for classic baby clothes when her and her family joined our home group, and so we decided to head to the sample sale in Dallas together. It started last night and runs through Friday, but we were determined to get our first picks- although I'm sure they held some things for the end of the week. The doors opened at 5:30 and we showed up about 20 minutes early. There were already a large load of ladies ready to shop! McKenna and I kept comparing it to the episode of Friends where Monica wants to get her wedding dress at the outlet sale and they have whistles.

This was before the doors opened, they had big banners so we knew we were in the right place! When the doors opened we actually got in pretty quickly, and I beelined for the boy things on the far side of the ballroom. About 3/4 of the room was girl stuff, so it was actually kind of nice that I knew I had my eye on one gender and I could be open to pretty much any size. I was one of the first people to make it to the racks, so I just grabbed anything I thought I would possibly want. This seemed to be the strategy of most ladies, and then everyone would go through their piles and then put other things in one of the discard racks. McKenna was mostly focused on shopping for her two year old daughter so she was lost in the abyss of girl clothes. When I turned around from choosing maybe 10 things from the racks, this is what I saw...

It was amazing how fast the room filled and how many people had their eye on the prize! There were a lot of people who seemed really focused on getting outfits for a certain occasion, and I was glad that I wasn't. I knew I wanted to get stuff for next spring and summer, so I wanted to mostly look at sizes 12 months and 18 months.. but it's not like I needed an Easter outfit for next month and that was just great haha.

It was so fun to sit down with McKenna and decide what items we wanted to get. We also made friends with so many other sweet gals in every part of our journey. At one point we looked over to see a group of friends pull wine glasses and a bottle of white wine out to enjoy while they went through their stacks, haha!

We kept looking through our things, then going back to discards.. I cycled through my keep pile several times. We actually got to visit with one of the founders of Smocked Auctions which was really fun. She was super sweet and kind and helpful. The line to check out was wrapped around a million times.. we waited to pay for over an hour. It was fun though, because we made friends with two really sweet ladies. It was so fun to just talk mama stuff and the whole experience made me so excited for our sweet boy to be here.

When we got in line we realized we had already been in the room for an hour and a half.. yikes. we got in line and started popping m&ms from my purse because we were needing sugar to power through the next hour and a half we spent in line, chatting with our new friends.

Overall it was a super fun experience but for the most part the deals didn't save you THAT much money. It was stuff I knew I'd eventually want to buy so it made sense to save $10 an item plus shipping.. but still. If there's something you'd really want, just order. :) It was such a fun time with a sweet friend though and I loved every second!

If you're curious about what items I purchased for baby boy, I'll share the terribly lit photos below. :)

One of the specific items I said I wanted going into the sale was a short set, and I love that I'll be able to purchase a few other shirts to mix and match with these shorts. :) The bunnies will be perfect next Spring!

This photo is particularly bad but I LOVED the lobsters and the navy color way!

I'm hoping that at this stage baby boy will have some chunky thighs that can be showcased in this precious bubble!

It was SO hard to choose from all the precious Easter things but I ended up deciding that for a 10 month old on his first Easter, a bubble would be perfect. Actually it was our new friends in line that pointed it out to me that the more mature outfit I had originally chosen could be worn at 2 or 3 and this couldn't be.

This raggedy andy outfit was my one big bargain from the crazy bargain bins and was $10. It was a great value especially coming with the shirt!

What do y'all think? Was I crazy to brave this crowd? Haha!


  1. Nice work! Adorable selections.Those sales are total chaos but can be worth it. I used to go to the Shrimp and Grits Kids Sale here and it was the same way! Now that SS is bigger, I score a lot of my smocked goods from kids consignment sales. I am looking forward to picking up some new smoked gear for F. I have never really checked out the boys stuff but I get to start now!

  2. I think this style is more Royal baby! I love the Navy and Lobster outfit!! Super cute!

  3. Super cute! I love anything Peter Pan collar. My husband wasn't a fan for our boy so sadly we don't have anything. Maybe he'll make an exception for Easter this year! haha! I'll be saving this for when we have a girl. :) I've also seen super cute similar styles at our local kids consignment store and Zulilly.

  4. Those smocked styles are SO cute! We don't see much for smocked looks up in Minnesota, but once again blogland has pulled me in and I am thinking I may need to invest! ;-) You scooped up some adorable outfits for your little man!

  5. Oh my word, those little bubbles are perfection. Too cute!

  6. Precious outfits! Love the bunny bubble! I hope Sweet Baby Strader is true to size, unlike my loooong 4month old wearing 9-12month now! Good thing my mother sews & smocks! I love bonnets too! I guess it's just southern baby style! Love!


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