30 Weeks

Monday, March 7, 2016

How Far Along: 30 Weeks!!

Baby Size: the size of a large cabbage, 3 pounds and almost 16 inches long!

Weight Gain: The last time I checked was a little bit over 20 pounds. Yikes! I'll probably blog more about this closer to the end of my pregnancy, but after loosing 25 pounds two years ago it's been such a weird thing watching the scale get higher.. but all in all, this little one is worth it. For some people's pregnancies this number is a lot, and for others it's small.. I'm just focused on growing our sweet boy and SO looking forward to challenging myself physically once he is here. I never thought I would look forward to being able to jump squats.. but I am!

Stretch Marks: not yet!

Sleep: My only real note about sleep is that as my belly has gotten bigger it's harder to switch to laying on a different side while I'm sleeping.. It helps if I try to move very slowly.

Maternity Clothes: My favorite maternity jeans from Pea in the Pod in a size smaller than my pre pregnancy size have been my absolute favorite things in the world! I have a few maternity tops I'm wearing but for the most part I'm just wearing normal shirts.

Gender: baby boy!!!

Movement: My favorite part of every day is feeling our sweet boy move around in my tummy. I am so overwhelmed by how much I love him!

Best Moment This Week: This hasn't been exclusive to this week, but over the past few weeks we've received so many generous presents, and the nursery is really coming together. Sweet Baby Strader is so blessed to have such sweet aunties.. a few weeks ago Kayla and Susannah came over and basically ran the thing and helped me organize everything we needed to set up, put away, wash, return, etc. I cannot even fathom how much of a help this was. They really set me up for success as far as keeping the nursery clean goes.

Looking Forward To: I'll be celebrating our sweet baby with another shower next Sunday! So, so fun! It's been so sweet to start getting some baby gear and just imagining how much will be changing in the next two months. Just a few days after the shower we'll have our maternity photos, too! Yay!

Food Cravings: I think I may have had my first one this past week, haha! One day I saw a short video of someone eating shaved ice and then decided I needed some! I could have probably resisted.. but it was fun to rush off to Bahama Bucks in the name of pregnancy! Haha!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, praise God!

Labor Signs: Not that I'm aware of. :)

Symptoms: FINALLY my pregnancy acne has mostly cleared up. My belly feels super tight and stretchy like it's growing a lot of the time. For the most part my biggest "symptom" is just being aware that my belly is getting bigger... It's a little bit harder to move around, and after long days I'm a little achey and extra tired.


  1. You look so pretty and I love your nursery bedding! The third trimester is flying by!

  2. you are right on track with the weight gain, girl! But I am totally with you, despite knowing the miracle you are growing, watching a scale go the opposite direction of what we usually aim for can be tough! Nursing and lots of walks with baby once he is born help the weight melt off plenty fast! You look absolutely wonderful, I love the top you are wearing in this bumpdate! :-)

  3. I just love your's so sweet!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about sleep! Moving slowly when rolling over definitely helped me, too :)

  5. The nursery is so calming and darling! I can't wait to see photos of this little guy!

  6. You are so close and so precious!! His room is absolutely precious <3

  7. You are seriously the cutest little pregnant person! Also, I am LOVING you're nursery bedding and decor!! This is making me dream about our one day nursery. It's very "Father of the Bride" looking and I love it!


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