Friday No. 31

Friday, March 11, 2016

No. 1

YAY! I'm so glad that the world can finally know... Tyler & Nicole are adopting! I'd highly recommend watching their whole video above (shoutout to myself at 5min 20 seconds) whether you think you're interested in adoption at all.. it's a really beautifully done video and anyone can appreciate the beautiful story of how God is building their family. I cannot wait to see the next year of their lives unfold.. Please join me in praying that the Lord would bring home Baby Cole sooner rather than later!

The Coles are in need of lots of prayer and encouragement.. but let me also say that they are trying to reach a big financial goal to make this adoption happen. One way to support them is to buy a t-shirt from their new shop, like the one I'm wearing above. The shirt I'm wearing is also available in gray, and there is a more gender neutral option as well. Honestly the shirt doesn't even matter, I'd wear anything to support this family.. but let me say that it's extremely comfy! I like t-shirts to be long and loose and this one is perfect. YOU NEED IT! :)

No. 2

It was been a stormy, horrible mess in Texas this week. On Tuesday morning I got stuck in zero visibility and by the grace of God made it to a gas station where I waited out the storm for 30 minutes. I realized that the rainy weather makes my mood dreary and sad too. I'm ready for sun, especially with Ben off work all next week, and our maternity photos on Thursday!

No. 3

I've suddenly had a huge fire under me to get the nursery finished and perfectly organized! I picked up the Ikea Kallax on Sunday and it fits the closet so perfectly. It uses the space so much more efficiently than before. Ben and I are still negotiating on moving 100% of his random hunting stuff out of the closet (there is literally a giant bow hiding underneath that boppy lounger!) and I'm hoping I will prevail. Let me just tell you that pinterest is a black hole of blog posts on how to organize your nursery closet and I've been enjoying them like candy. :) I'm trying to figure out a cute way to label these bins.. any ideas?

I'm planning on sharing several big nursery updates next week, yay!

No. 4

It's been a few weeks since our trip to Nashville and I'm still thinking about the beautiful Draper James store constantly. I was so incredibly inspired there! I'm wondering how I can incorporate the aesthetic of the store into our own home.

No. 5
Image via Lilly Pulitzer 
Maybe it's the yucky weather we've been having, but I've been dreaming of a beach vacation recently. Ben says I'm terribly ungrateful as we have tons of great travel opportunities.. but right now sunny Florida is all I can think of, haha! I love looking at photos of Palm Beach, and I've been dreaming of Disney World for years now. I'm thinking that our sweet boy will need to go visit Mickey sooner rather than later. :)

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  1. I just love you!!! and seriously LOL at the bow under the boppy hahahahahaha

  2. Oh my goodness, with family in Florida I'm constantly dreaming of going there!
    So excited for Nicole!!

  3. I love your Friday posts! I think you could tie a little gift tag around the handle of the bins to label them!

  4. I've been dreaming of re-organizing Soph's closet when we move! We have an industrial bookshelf in her closet right now (which I want to repaint this summer once everything is packed from it) and I just can't wait to really truly settle into a space for her! Baby closets are so fun. :)


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