Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The last few weeks have felt like a blur and it's showed around the blog. I'm sorry for the surplus of quick posts and lack of real content. I genuinely miss sitting down to create for this space, and I'm excited to get back to it. First, I thought I'd share a little bit of what we've been doing. :)

This sweet photo is from my hometown baby shower at the end of February. It was such a sweet celebration and I absolutely LOVED getting to see my high school people. You may remember reading about my trip to New York with four of these ladies this summer. Lyndsey, on the far right, is marrying Liz & Kristen's little brother during the same week that #SweetBabyStrader will probably arrive! :) I truly cannot even put into words how blessed we were by this shower. We are so much more prepared for parenthood because of the kindness of so many.

After a morning spent at the shower I hopped in the car and headed to my friend Polly's house. Polly was hosting another shower (and will cohost another one for me this Sunday!) at her house and wanted to be able to be fully present in the celebration of her friend.. so I came over to help her daughter get up from her nap and play until the majority of the party had gone on. It was good practice for me getting to stare at the monitor haha!

That Sunday morning I woke up early, baked the bundt cake shown, & we headed to church. Ben's younger brother had missed his usual service at his church that morning so he joined us and it was a super sweet morning. We love our church so much! When we got home, I went into crazy shower mode and set up some afternoon treats for the ladies headed to our house to celebrate Lyndsey. I had high hopes for garlands and banners around the table, but the beginning of my third trimester was eating my lunch! I'm just really happy that we got to gather and celebrate Jon and Lyndsey!

In the days after our crazy weekend of showers, I loved having fresh flowers in our home. It had been awhile, and I had forgotten how much I love it!

I have already posted this photo, but that next Wednesday we opened our doors again.. this time for the women of our home group's monthly dinner. I LOVE time with these ladies and so look forward to it. During the rest of the week a lot of work stuff played out for Ben and I. We worked on a big real estate project (I'll share more soon!) and I finished up the quarterly work I do for my dad's publishing company. I'm glad that the project landed before I got too tired, and not right when #SweetBabyStrader was arriving!

Last Friday night we had a chill evening eating leftover chicken and cheese enchiladas (my favorite dish my mother in law makes!) and hanging out with my niece, sister in law, and brother in law. We had an early night, because Ben had a full day of work planned for Saturday. While he worked, I kept wrapping up the publishing company work. Lots of boring work things spilled over into our usual fun time and just made life feel so crazy. I'm grateful though, and will have lots more to share about this soon... sorry to be a tease! :)

After our long Saturday of busy things, we felt like a date night was long overdue. We headed to one of our favorite places to eat, Cafe Express. We split the Triple Deli Salad pictured above (tuna salad, chicken salad, pesto pasta salad... yum!!!) and grilled chicken with veggies. The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed eating outside.

To keep enjoying the weather, we walked through the shopping center to Anthropologie, so I could use my birthday discount (for some reason I always get it a month late!) and spend a gift card on a beautiful sweater I had spotted.

It's a swing sweater, and I was hoping it would fit me now and just get cuter post pregnancy. I feel like it will be perfect for our trip at the end of summer, when we will be in much milder temperatures than late Texas summer. :) I was a little nervous about the sizing.. because it was xs/s & m/l.. I thought the smaller one might not work well with pregnancy but it was fine! For reference, the insta below is where I originally found the sweater and it shows what it would look like on a non third trimester gal. :)

Then we went to Buy Buy Baby and picked up a changing pad.. we still have one more shower but I just really needed to feel more ready and apparently what I needed for that was a changing pad. :)

The next morning was our church's celebration service.. we look at a slideshow of photos of all the babies who have joined our church that quarter and hear testimonies and celebrate new life with baptism. Celebration weekends are our absolute favorite! I teared up thinking about how during the next service our sweet baby will be up on the slideshow and we'll be prayed for with the other new parents.

After church a marathon shopping day with some friends began. We first went to Target (I scored a big box of Honest diapers for $13 off.. among other goodies!) then made the treck to check out Nebraska Furniture Mart. Everyone had been telling me good things, so I was very curious!

There was a lot more decor than I imagined.. we were in the store for hours! I picked up a decorative ladder (I'll share a pic soon!) and a sweet little rocking horse bunny (squint to see it on the table in the background of this photo) for the nursery.

We then also stopped by Ikea (I'll share what I picked up in a nursery update coming soon!) and the mall. Truthfully the inspiration for our mall trip was desire for Great American Cookie.. but we also stopped at Bath & Body Works and Pottery Barn Kids. Thankfully, the start of this week has been a lot slower for us.. and I'm hoping to scale things back as we prepare for everything about our lives to change!

Again, thanks for sticking with me through a busy few weeks! :)

PS. TOMORROW, Sarah and I are hosting another book club linkup! Please consider joining us! :)  Whatever you want to post about reading, link up! I'll be sharing about the book I'm currently reading! XO


  1. You have been busy lately, my goodness! So many showers - so awesome you have many things to celebrate. That salad looks amazing too!

  2. That sweater is adorable on you, bump and all :-) I just love your style, and am jealous of the fresh flowers, they seriously do so much to brighten the house!


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