A Magnolia Weekend

Monday, April 4, 2016

Last weekend I spent about a day in Waco. Waco used to be no biggie but Fixer Upper has really put this city on everyone's radar. My friend Susannah's parents live in Waco and her mom has all the behind the scenes info, so we had been trying to plan a time for awhile that we could go and drive by a bunch of the houses that were featured on the show, and just enjoy a quick getaway. We finally made that happen this weekend! It made for a great last time to leave town before #SweetBabyStrader is born. I'll be honest, I was a little worried about getting overtired, or sore or something.. but it was a great trip. :)

We met at Kayla's house on Friday afternoon and drove down to make it in time for dinner. We planned to eat just outside of Waco in McGregor, where some of the houses are, most notably being the Magnolia House B&B!

Looking here was SO fun because obviously it isn't someone's personal home, and we felt much more comfortable getting up close and checking out the gorgeous construction. I have been eyeing raised porches with brick paver details for an upcoming project, so I really enjoyed seeing the slight variation of this one, pavers on the steps and sides with wood on the porch. The Magnolia House was featured on Season 3, Episode 4.

After checking out Magnolia House, we met Susannah's mom, Janet, for dinner at a local Italian place. Janet was such an amazing host for our weekend- we were so spoiled!

After dinner we stopped by the first three houses on our Fixer Upper tour. Yes, we are creepers. But it was SO fun to see the homes in real life.

First was Season 3, Episode 3. This house was one of my absolute favorites of Season 3. In fact, we saw my two favorites from this season on Friday night. I love the kitchen and the front porch. Plus the family just seemed really sweet.

The next house we stopped by was Season 3, Episode 5. I couldn't really get a good photo because there was a large SUV in the circle driveway, and to be honest they hadn't kept up with the landscaping so it looked kind of sad. :(

The final stop of the night was one that we were REALLY excited to see, from Season 3, Episode 9. It had the best exterior transformation of the season, I thought. It was extra fun to see it because obviously the exterior is all that we could see. :)

Once we got back to Susannah's parents house we spent the night watching those two episodes of Fixer Upper and chatting. It was really fun to rewatch the transformations that we had just gotten to see in person! We also enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies. :)

The next morning we got up relatively early to try and beat the crowds to the Silos. We got ready quickly and enjoyed some delicious breakfast burritos before heading that way. We actually saw Chip and the Gaines kids playing catch in their driveway on our way, haha!

Right around the corner from the silos we saw the tiny house from this season, Episode 14. It was even smaller in person, and overall just not our favorite. We felt that the investment spent here could have gone much farther elsewhere, but no one was asking us. :) Haha!

We enjoyed the silos of course, but it was extra crowded and only getting more so! We walked right in when we arrived but there was a pretty good line when we left. We got just a few goodies, and I gave Nicole a tour via FaceTime. :)

Next stop was Harp Design Co!

Part of the store parking was literally directly in front of the Harp's house, which was featured on Season One, Episode 5.

Look how close the shop and the store are! Susannah's mom said that the Harps were planning on trying to move relatively soon, and I don't blame them. It made us sad to think that they couldn't just hang out and enjoy their front yard without the eyes of Fixer Upper fans like ourselves. :)

We could tell that inventory was low on quite a few of the signature Harp Design Co. products, but the rest of the store was mostly a boutique anyway.

My favorite thing was these framed flags! After that, we did a full driving tour of LOADS of homes!

The Fixer Upper test pilot house 

As you can imagine, we were close to needing fuel after all of these gorgeous homes! If you're a loyal watcher of the show like we are, you'll know that this season Chip has started bringing Joanna cupcakes when she's working late staging the homes. They're always in a brown box, and we visited the bakery that is home to the brown box cupcakes! 

Kayla and I split a "Here Comes the Bride" and a "So Berry Good" and they were phenomenal. I've found myself rather picky about baked goods as of late, but the strawberry cupcake was fresh and delicious and worth the trip. Yum! Apparently this bakery is helping Joanna develop the recipes for the cupcakes that will be sold at the Magnolia Flour bakery. 

Our last stop of the day was Season 3, Episode 8. Something AMAZING happened here. Haha! As we were pulling up to do our creepy drive by, we noticed that they were having a garage sale! What are the chances. We decided to hop out and check it out! 

It ended up being a pretty good garage sale! Susannah and Kayla both bought a sweater and each got another goodie. The only thing that caught my eye was a distressed mirror. I have been wanting one for some time, but it wasn't priced and the smaller mirror next to it was marked $40. I am not great at bartering and wasn't planning on even asking about my beloved mirror. However, Susannah and Janet are sale shopping masters so Susannah asked the husband of the couple for a price. He thought for a minute and said FIVE DOLLARS!!!! YES! While I got the mirror and paid him, we casually asked "weren't y'all on Fixer Upper?" and he told us yes and said that being on the show was such a blessing to them, the best decision they've made. He said that they truly love their home. He also noted that his wife had worked on Joanna's styling team so when we asked how much of the staging furniture they kept he said that for their episode the used mostly their existing things. He also then told me that my mirror was actually leftover from the show!!!

The mirrors were custom made to fit into their cabinets, and they had one extra which has now come home with me. :)

Isn't that awesome!!?! My very own piece of a Fixer Upper. It made for the perfect last stop on the trip! :)

We got home around 3 on Saturday, and our Sunday was much less glamourous. To be honest, I was in major nesting mode and did things like deep clean our fridge. Haha!

What do y'all think? Are we the creepiest people in the world stalking all these homes? Do you love my $5 garage sale mirror? I'm still brainstorming how I want to frame it! Any suggestions? :)


  1. Oh my gosh! I love this so much. My husband and I are obsessed with C & J and would love a Fixer Upper ourselves one day. Looks like you had a blast, girl!

  2. This is AMAZING! I so love that you did this tour! I've told my husband that he's taking me on a trip to Waco sometime but we're hoping to hold out till the bakery is done. haha ( it's one of my convincing points for him).
    Season 1, episode 1 was one of my all time favorites. Love the architecture on that one.
    Any tips on the store? I'm excited to go but weary of the crazy lines and number of people I've read about.

  3. I totally would have joined you and had all the heart eyes the entire time!

  4. That's so awesome! And I'm pretty sure that last house (and your mirror) is Max Lucado's daughter! My husband got super excited when they made the connection when we watched the episode. Looks like a great time in Waco!

  5. I love your honesty about being a creepy creeper! I am sure it lives within all of us for Fixer Upper!!
    I am ridiculously jealous that you live close enough for an over night trip! We are in Cornwall, UK and nothing amazing like that local to me!!
    Thanks for sharing an honest post for a serious fan girl! xx

  6. So much fun!! I love that you got a mirror from the show. Way to have the hookup on getting to drive by all the houses!!

  7. I'm so jealous y'all got to see so many of the renovated houses!! I would have totally been a creeper right there with y'all! I just love Fixer Upper!

  8. Looks like such a fun trip before your baby gets here! I bought a mirror at a thrift store, framed it, and I actually pinned printed instagram (square format) photos on to them! I wanted to use some of those photos, but I didn't want THAT many photos hanging out around my home. It ended up being a win/win solution because I can switch the photos out and have my pretty mirror :)

    We don't have the channel this comes on, but Netflix just got season 2 and I am so ecstatic. I have watched season 1 several times!!

  9. I have been hooked on Fixer Upper every since it was on Netflix!! How cool to see all those beautiful places in person:)

  10. So fun!! I had a friend who road tripped from Alabama to the silos last week, too.

  11. Oh my gosh!! How cool!! I love the show Fixer Upper, and I have been dying to go to Waco. How fun!

  12. From one house stalker to another, nothing creepy in my book :) This is so fun to see!

  13. What a fun weekend! Love the garage sale story, too! You should have used your pregnancy to your advantage and told them you needed to use their bathroom--maybe you could have seen the inside of their house haha!

  14. I LOVE this!! It may have been a little creepy, but if given the opportunity I would have done the same! I love that you scored a little piece of Fixer Upper history! So awesome. It's also so cool to see what these houses currently look like.

  15. i just stumbled upon your post and LOVED it! we are leaving for a girls trip sunday and doing waco/silos/fixer upper creeper tour of homes monday! I've found lots of addresses from VRBO sites, but I'm still missing some you saw! how did you find them? or could you share the addresses?


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