Where We Registered and Why: #SweetBabyStrader

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I thought I would share where we registered for #SweetBabyStrader, and why. Choosing where to register can be kind of overwhelming, and I think what we chose worked really well for us. Would anyone be interested in reading a similar reflection for wedding registry? I'm obviously sharing about baby registry because it's what we're walking through right now, but wedding might be helpful too. :) I wanted to wait until our showers were complete to share, and that time is now!


The appeal of baby list is obvious, you can add items from any store and people can access your registry online. The downside to this is two fold, at least for us. A) We knew there would be a lot of older people wanting to get us sweet gifts, and that they wouldn't be able to navigate this site B) Paying for shipping is annoying! (at least I think so!) I tried to mostly keep items on this list at stores that offered free shipping. So many people have Amazon Prime plus it's obviously extremely convenient to order just a few days ahead of time and have the gift delivered to your doorstep. The majority of items that people purchased for us off of this registry were from Amazon, which I expected. I also noticed that several items that we wanted had cheaper prices on Amazon than anywhere else, sometimes saving between $20-$40, sometimes saving $3. Saving is saving! This registry also served as a great place for me to save items that people recommended or items that I wished to possibly buy ourselves in the future.

Buy Buy Baby: 

I was originally against registering at Buy Buy Baby for one reason only- I didn't want to end up with a bunch of store credit to somewhere we would easily run out of things to buy. I remembered a friend from college saying that she had $800 credit to Bed Bath and Beyond and that they had absolutely nothing else they would ever need from there. I thought it might be the same situation.. but I quickly realized that we wouldn't run into that issue simply because Buy Buy Baby carries diapers. We'll be buying diapers for a long time. :) Originally I thought Target was the better option because any extra credit could go towards groceries but Target's selection of baby items is a lot more limited. I wanted to select a storefront that friends and family could visit and easily leave with their gift in hand... and BBB ended up being the place. I've actually grown to love it so much! I will note that my biggest complaint about them is that because they often offer 20% off an item coupons (use them, people!!) if you have to return something without a receipt they only give you 80% of the value of the item in store credit. It's a very frustrating policy but thankfully it hasn't really affected us. I will also note that I did 100% of our BBB registry online, and I think it really kept me from getting overwhelmed by the huge store and tons of items. One of the first times we went, to see carseats and strollers in person, I got a little stressed out by how much STUFF there is.. researching myself and then putting things on our registry using the website kept me from going scan gun crazy and I believe I chose things thoughtfully.

Now that it's all over: (well, mostly!)

  • People LOVE Target. I LOVE Target. I was really surprised by how much stuff we were gifted from Target. Looking back we should have possibly had a third registry with items at Target simply because it's really easy for people to access. I'm so grateful for the Target people because I know we'll easily use that credit. (I just noticed I'm talking a lot about credit.. obviously we kept the majority of gifts, but being able to use any gift cards or return credit from doubles wisely was and is important to us!)
  • I probably could have done without Babylist and just done an Amazon registry, which might have been easier for people to navigate. The random items that I added to the registry weren't really purchased. I think we got one item from etsy and one from Pottery Barn Kids but as a whole using Babylist wasn't super necessary. :) 
What We Registered For: 

I'll plan on sharing the majority of this information once we're actually using items. I know everyone has different opinions on what is essential and what is not.. so I'll wait until I've put some things to actual use before I share this, but I promise to share! :) If you're extra interested in what we registered for or purchased ourselves, feel free to email me, but you could also just look at our registries. Although I will say I went through after each shower and deleted a lot of items we had received simply so that the registry wasn't overwhelming. :) 

A note about Registries: 

Registering can feel awkward to me at times, and especially writing a whole blog about it.. I just wanted to reiterate how incredibly grateful we are for the people that absolutely SHOWERED us with gifts, prayer, and support. It has been a continually humbling process to see people give sacrificially. I remember during our wedding being so blown away by people who gave to us as much as they possibly could. I have tried to adopt that policy for the way we give gifts since then, and walking through this season has only reiterated that for me. It sure does take a village and we are SO thankful. 


  1. Yes! Your wedding registry thoughts would be very helpful too!

  2. I'm going through the wedding registry process right now and I would love to know your thoughts and tips!


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