Beau & Mama's First Month Favorites

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I did SO much research while registering and it's been so fun to actually see what products have been a perfect fit for our little family. Thus far, we've been really happy with what we've ended up with, and I'm so excited to share as I continue figuring it out. For me, when I knew that a blog I trusted recommended something, I immediately added it to our registry. Our go to mama for this was/is the amazing Sarah Tucker! I truly hope that my findings as a first time mom can help anyone who may be in this place in the future, or even be interesting to someone who isn't a parent. There are many more things we've loved.. and I'll share more as necessary! :)

First Month Favorites: 

Mamaroo: I had heard that some babies really don't like the Mamaroo, but Beau LOVES his. One morning when we arrived back at the NICU, one of our favorite nurses had put a Mamaroo in Beau's area and he was already loving it! It was so nice to have something consistent for him when he got home and he still loves it. We often let him nap in it without it even on (silly, I know) but if he's extra fussy or needs to be occupied while I do something he loves it during the day.

Aden and Anais Blankets: We don't actually swaddle with these, but I love them for when Beau is riding in the carseat or sitting in the mamaroo, they also work well as a carseat cover and tummy time on the go! A few times I've even used them to cover my whole body when feeding Beau a bottle in the back of the car to prevent spills on my clothes. LOVE them!

Aden and Anais Burpy Bib (two pack, here): I had no intention of getting hooked on $10 burp cloths. We have a ton of cheap ones and while they get the job done, I kept reaching for the one burpy bib we had been gifted. They are huge, and knowing I can easily clip one around Beau's neck is SO nice. They're wonderful and worth every penny. I bought two more during Beau's first week at home and will put one in every baby gift I ever give in the future!

Boon grass: If you ever plan on giving your baby a bottle or pumping at all, you need this drying rack. It's one of those things that you probably don't imagine really needing until you actually do, but I LOVE it. There's also a green option, but y'all know I love me some neutrals. :)

KickeePants: the softest, comfiest jammies and onesies.. you can find them at boutiques but I think the cheapest and easiest place is from Amazon.

Nose Frieda: Trust me, you need this. It sounds gross but it's not at all and your baby will have boogers and you just need to get them. Before actually having Beau in front of me I hadn't really processed that boogers would keep your baby from breathing easily.. this is just something that was so awesome to have ready for us to use without even thinking about it.

Any recommendations on things that we should try during his second month?


  1. Keep these lists coming--already added three things from it to our registry! :)

  2. We have that drying rack and I love it. I didn't think it was something I would need until we actually needed it! haha! Also the Nosefrida has saved us countless times. We still use it two year later!


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