Beau's First Haircut

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The absolute first thing we noticed about Beau when he was born was his hair. He's got a full head of thick hair that appears highlighted, and it was naturally in the shape of a little comb over. Friends of ours have joked that I couldn't have asked for a preppier baby. We've had the same conversation about his hair over and over and over haha!

At 14 days old when Beau got to come home from the NICU, we were surprised to see that he was already due for a haircut. Originally I wanted to just trim his unruly sideburns, but the back of his neck needed it too. How is that even possible?

This photo, from the day Beau came home, really shows how out of control one side of his hair was! Luckily my friend Rachel cuts my hair, and when her and her husband came to visit us in the hospital she mentioned that she would be able to cut it! I was so grateful that I didn't have to try and trim it myself or take him somewhere... Rachel just came over and gave him a trim right at the kitchen table!

I was prepared for baby boy to scream his head off, but he just kind of hung out while Ben held him and Rachel did her thing!

I saved some of the hair in a little baggie.. I couldn't help myself!

And there you have it! We were left with a much snazzier look for our precious boy! It was perfect timing because he had his newborn photos the next day. Annnndd a few weeks later we're due for another trim! Such a unique thing to worry about for a newborn!


  1. this is the cutest!! he's got wes beat with the hair ten fold - still not much hair to speak of (:

  2. How crazy - 15 days and a haircut. Love that you saved some!

  3. Did you or Ben have a lot of hair as a baby?

  4. I love Beau's full head of hair!!!

  5. My mom still has our hair from our first hair cuts. ;)


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