Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I've received a few emails recently about planning outfits for vacations. Last year I sung the praises of flat packing as I took just a carry on for our 17 day Italian adventure. (Legitimately I packed multiple outfits for each day, all my toiletries, and a few pairs of jammies in a carry on suitcase) This year I'll still flat pack, but it will look a little different as the priority will be stuff for Beau Bear.. but I did think it might be fun to share my thoughts on packing for a big trip.

At the Lourve 
Maybe I'm vain or weird, but when we travel I know we're going to be taking more photos than usual, and that I want to be wearing something that makes me feel my best. Most of the time, for me, weather permitting, that means a dress.

At the Palace of Versailles

At the Colosseum 
In Cinque Terre
In Tuscany 

In Florence
In Vatican City 
In Venice

In Venice
In Portofino

In New York City
See... I wasn't kidding. Those are just a few random travel photos that show my love for wearing dresses while traveling. 

What do y'all like wearing on trips? 


  1. I'm nursing my 1.5 month old baby boy and since you mentioned it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on nursing friendly outfits. Maybe in another post.

  2. I agree! And you look just darling in all of these dresses! Dresses are like adult onesies if you ask me, simple, no mixing or matching, and comfortable! So excited for your upcoming trip! I'll be tucking your information away on how to travel with a little one for my far off future of children. ha! Love you sweet friend!

  3. Ah yes I would love more packing tips! My husband and I are planning a 2.5 week trip to Croatia + Slovenia this fall ( commented about your Paris dress on Insta earlier this week :) ) and I am trying to figure out how to pack. Do you always take a hair dryer? And do you typically curl your hair each day you go out? I love your travel posts!

  4. Perfect timing because I'm packing for Italy today! I think I'm going to pack a few romper so as well as dresses

    Kayla Jones

  5. I would love to hear more about what you're packing for your trips! I too love to wear dresses, but with so much walking, I hate when my thighs rub together! Any solutions?

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

    1. Not sure what everyone else does, but when I'm in sweltering hot climates I wear Under Armor or Nike compression shorts under my dresses that are labeled "heat gear." These shorts wick moisture well and keep your thighs from rubbing together. I have traveled the world (hot, hot places and where dresses for ladies was required) with several pairs in tow and they are well worth the investment (some pairs I have had for over 5 years). You can launder them with packets of Tide liquid or powder detergent in a Ziploc in your hotel at night and they will be dry by morning thanks to the light weight fabric. Hope this helps!

  6. I love all your dresses! I like packing dresses for traveling because they take up less space than a top and jeans, plus they dress me up and I feel more put together. Lovely photos!

  7. I love dresses when it's not sweltering hot outside! If it is, I have to stick with shorts + a tank. Love all of your dresses!

  8. Yes, dresses are ideal when traveling. It's easy to grab something and just put it on. Also, it's just way more comfortable, especially if you are traveling somewhere warm. In Europe, I also felt more appropriate since we like to visit lots of churches and other holy sites.

  9. So glad to hear flat packing worked so well last year and you're trying it again on this trip! I am very excited to hear about how that goes this year with sweet Beau accompanying you guys. I'm sure you have so many baby items to consider. LOVING all of the posts about Beau, life, and upcoming travels.

  10. Going back and reading your old Italy/travel posts as I begin planning for a trip this fall! This post has me swooning for warm weather dresses!


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