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Monday, June 13, 2016

Since Beau came home from the hospital, SO much has been going on. I feel like even just our days at home go by so quickly.

The day after we left the hospital, we decided to have our first outing. It surprised me since I thought I'd just want to take it easy at home, but we knew we needed to get Beau's passport done. I also needed to pick up a quick gift at Anthropologie. We stopped for Beau's passport photo at Walgreens which was completely ridiculous because the goal was to get a photo of his eyes open. That was SO not going to happen with the bright lights. His photo depicts a squishy, red faced, squinty baby. Not his best photo. :) After we went to the post office and completed all of the paperwork, Beau was still doing great. We managed to have enough time to run and get the gift, I tried on a sale top & bought it.. and then ran in a few other shops just to browse. He is SUCH a trooper on the go! 

The next day we had his first pediatrician appointment, and then his newborn photos.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Collin came in town from Nashville and got to meet Beau! Yay! We had a sweet day with friends. 

Soooo... my brother moved to Europe after graduating with his masters degree. He's going to be pursuing professional golf. We're so glad that we'll get to see him when we travel in July!

Aaaannnd, another shopping trip. We ran around to a few shops for returns and exchanges on Memorial Day. 

We've been having lots and lots of cuddles on the couch, especially during Beau's awake time. 

And when the weather's been nice, we've loved going for walks. As we settle into routine and are less tired in the mornings, I'd love to make this a routine for then. Any later in the day it's just too hot. 

We took Beau to our church for the first time and he did SO well. We even fed him during announcements and worship! We were so happy to get to share this experience with Ben's parents, and two couples from our home group. 

The next day we had some sweet time outside with family. We all just played on a blanket in the shade. Beau got lots and lots of kisses from his cousin Meg. 

My hair looks kind of crazy in the photo above, but I still love it! We snapped it before going for a fun day out with Beau's granny!

When your child has the hair of a toddler, bathtime is extra fun and extra necessary. Sweet PB Kids towels have been so cozy and sweet for our little bear.

Our home group had a social at the pool, and Beau slept right through it. :) It was surprisingly really wonderful to sit under the big umbrella and watch everyone swim, just soaking in my little boy. 

Again, lots of snuggles on the couch. Holding Beau close is my absolute favorite thing. 

This photo made me think how big Beau is already getting! It's such a bittersweet thing! 

Nicole and Tyler shot a Texas wedding last weekend and we LOVED it because it meant we could meet up with them for a late lunch. They got to love on Beau and it was so so great to spend time with them! 

The next day Beau went on his first trip to Target.. I feel like this is a big moment for a mom, haha! As you can see his strong little neck was no match for me trying to prop his head up, sigh! He slept through the whole journey but I will note I didn't browse around because I was afraid of pushing my luck on my first solo outing with him.

Later that day we hung out with family and Ben thought it would be funny to pose Beau with his brother Zac's new bear rug.. I was less than amused!

Yesterday we went to Ben's parents church to meet some of the sweet people that had been praying for Beau, and to thank everyone for all of their encouragement. I decided it was a good enough occasion to wear non stretchy pants for the first time in months, sigh!

It was really sweet to get to sit in the church where we were married just three and a half years later with our sweet son!

 In the next few weeks we'll celebrate Ben's first Father's Day & our first one in the country in three years. Then we'll have Celebration Weekend at church with our baby bear making an appearance on the baby slideshow, and then we'll head to the Texas Hill Country for a few days with our immediate Strader family. Then in July we'll be in full prep mode for our big trip! What have y'all been up to?


  1. You look so great! Beau is just the cutest, looks like you all are adjusting great :-)

  2. You look incredible!! And that Beau - he is thee cutest baby!!!!

  3. I cannot get over that hair. Just so, so cute. And all those little outfits! You guys have been busy, but it sounds like it has been so nice!

  4. You look great! I had just been thinking that your hair looked fab in that picture you said it was crazy! He is just the sweetest thing ever!!!!!!!

  5. I can't get over how much hair he has! Beau is adorable!

  6. You've been incredibly busy since having Beau! I so hope that when my husband and I have children that I will be able to go-go-go like that so soon after having them! You all look so happy and just glowing, little Beau is growing so quickly! Thanks for sharing little pieces of your life with us :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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