My Nautical Baby Shower

Monday, June 6, 2016

Back in March a few of my dearest friends hosted a baby shower for me and our precious boy! I was going to share about it when it happened, but there were so many details with Beau's name that I wanted to wait until after he was born. :)

My wonderful hostesses who actually didn't plan to wear all stripes, but it worked out with the nautical theme that they chose!

Everyone made birthday predictions on this super cute calendar. Ben was surprised at how many people guessed before the due date, but most people chose the days that had the most sentimental value to them in the month of May. :) AND it turns out that he was born a week early! 

Polly compiled all the sweet notes and photos from the shower into a scrapbook, it is such a sweet keepsake from the day!

I've said this before, but having showers really made me so incredibly thankful for the community we have in our lives. We were given so many generous gifts and it seems impossible to thank everyone to the depths of our gratitude. 

Susannah's mom Janet made me the beautiful quilt above. She specifically chose a shade of blue that could be used by all future Strader babies and I'm truly obsessed with it! I can't wait for the photo shoots that will happen with Beau laying on that sweet quilt! It was such an incredibly kind and thoughtful gift!

I had a sweet helper for unwrapping some of my gifts.. we love our sweet niece so much and she makes a great cousin! :) 

The above photo shows me blown away that a few of my friends chipped in to buy our carseat, such a major item! Again, so grateful!!

Another sweet thing is that we recreated a photo from my friend Paige's baby shower five years ago! Isn't that awesome? Now we just need to have a photo in a few years with Kassidy's first born son. :) 

Celebrating this shower was so, so fun for me. The guest list consisted of friends from so many different stages of life... Katherine (in the green dress above!) and I have been friends since middle school, there were friends from high school and college, friends in our home group now... it was just so sweet to have my people together. The shower also served as a reunion of sorts for a few friends I hadn't seen in awhile and I LOVED it! 



  1. Your friends did such a wonderful job on the details of the shower! Love it!

  2. Oh wow, your Nautical Baby Shower looks just fantastic. I am so pleased to see these photos from your event. We have also been thinking to organize such a fun baby for our sister-in-law. But we would like to host an event at outdoor Chicago venues instead of hosting the party at home.


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