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Monday, July 18, 2016

One of my takeaways from my experience being a reader bride model for Southern Weddings V8 last year was this: I LOVED my makeup look! I like trying new products and finding quality things that can be used quickly to give me a little bit of extra pep in my step. The quickly part is especially important now that baby boy is here. :)

I don't know what products specifically were used on me that day, but I realized recently that I'd finally started into a routine that created a really similar look. One that made me look like myself, natural but groomed. I've realized I'm not someone that needs to have crazy contour or anything of that nature.. just a little bit of blush, eyebrow pencil and neutral eyeshadow over a light foundation with a whole lotta mascara! :)

Here's what I've been loving lately to create this look: 
Note: All the links are to Nordstrom, because of free shipping! 

Setting Spray

Ps. If you're thinking to yourself, "Oh! I don't need a setting spray!" Let me show you this photo.

Literally just had a baby and seconds later my blush and highlight are in tact. I 1000% credit that to my setting spray! I started using it not too long ago and I'm clearly a believer. 

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  1. I've been contemplating setting spray. I wasn't sure if it actually worked. I'm so glad you talked about it! I will have to give it a try. :) Your make up looks beautiful in both pictures!


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