July Goals

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This month is all about travel prep for us, we leave on our big trip on the 26th! We are so excited and can hardly believe that our dreams are coming true and we're getting to continue our love of travel with our sweet son. We know there will be a different pace to our travels, but so far our little boy loves being on the go just like we do. We're confident that we'll be totally frazzled but totally blessed and have the sweetest time. What do y'all have planned for this month? I know that I always say this but time sure does fly. Especially this year! It feels like we JUST started 2016.

June Goals
  • continue settling into life with a newborn, work towards keeping Beau awake longer during the day baby boy is doing awesome and really settling into his schedule- I don't want to jinx things but he started sleeping through the night most nights at 6 weeks old!
  • finish planning everything for our trip at the end of July 
  • start working out again, or at least doing some weights at home and taking Beau on long walks, gotta knock out this last chunk of baby weight! sort of! I've started working out again but needed to give myself grace and realize that it wasn't realistic to be doing tons of workouts with a three week old when I wrote that goal, haha! That being said I've been loving working out again, although it's been humbling!
  • keep being a present friend, even in this change of season trying to be! :) 
  • take Beau to church and home group for the first time 
  • enjoy the flexibility that comes with school being out for summer for Ben, even though he will still be working full time, it's still so much more flexible!

July Goals
  • enjoy a sweet Fourth of July with our family  already crossed this off before posting! :) 
  • do a packing trial run before our Europe adventure
  • head off across the pond to take Beau to four European countries and see our family!
  • keep working on giving Beau a predictable but flexible day 
  • workout three times a week, except the last week when we leave on our trip :)



  1. You did great with all your June goals! A packing trial sounds like a great idea - good luck!

  2. Cheering you on in your workouts, and SO excited to follow along with Beau's first international adventure!! Also, please tell me about his sweet little personalized pants *heart eyes* :)

  3. Wow tell me your secrets to getting him to sleep! You are lucky mama!


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