August Goals

Monday, August 15, 2016

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you've probably noticed that I always post my monthly goals like clockwork. It's such great accountability for me to get moving and grooving on things. :) I've never posted goals late, especially not mid month, but today is the exception! We just got back in the country on August 11 and I didn't feel prepared to write my goals before we left on July 26. So we have a late goals post. It'll be short and sweet, as I anticipate September's speedy approach, but I wanted to share regardless. I was so encouraged by how much I truly missed creating content for this blog while we were traveling. I absolutely love sharing my heart, interests, fun finds, etc. You people that keep coming back to this little space encourage me CONSTANTLY and I'm truly so grateful. I have lots of big plans in store for fun things coming up.. including taking part in my friend Bailey's Blogtember Challenge in just a few weeks. That means you'll be sick of me by the end of the month, after hearing from me daily! :) Anywho, let's dive into goals! 

July Goals: 
  • enjoy a sweet Fourth of July with our family  
  • do a packing trial run before our Europe adventure
  • head off across the pond to take Beau to four European countries and see our family!
  • keep working on giving Beau a predictable but flexible day 
  • workout three times a week, except the last week when we leave on our trip :)

August Goals: 
  • Set up and start using my beloved Emily Ley Simplified Planner (2017 planners on sale soon!) 
  • Wake up before Beau each day 
  • Start our new workout schedule, Ben at 5, Me at 6, and Beau up around 7
  • Organize our junk drawer 
  • Share the beginning parts of our European Adventure 
  • Cross off the first step on something VERY exciting! (more details soon!) 
  • start a no sugar for 30 days kick, with one exception for a Bachelorette cookie cake celebration with my besties
What do y'all have planned for this month? I know you're already ahead of me and I'd love to hear about it! :) 


  1. I did a little of the blogtember challenge last year and so I'm glad you reminded me of it this year! I enjoyed having those daily prompts! And your no sugar for a month has me really motivated to do the same thing!

  2. Oh I'm excited about the new blogtember! I'm going to have to try and take part of that some days! Can't wait to hear about your trip and travelling with your cutie :)

  3. I need to check out the blogtember challenge - seems like it would be a fun way to switch things up! Good luck with the no sugar. I love my Emily Ley planners - do you have the weekly or the daily one? I have the daily but am debating on going for weekly next year!


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