Baby Beau: Three Months

Friday, August 12, 2016

3 Months as of 8/11/16

Weight: 11 lbs 9 oz
Height: I'm not super confident in my baby measuring abilities so we'll find out at the pediatrician next month! :)

Just about grown out of 0-3 clothes.. my sweet little guy is his mama's boy through and through! He even is right on schedule with clothes, making my preplanning fall perfectly!

I am truly amazed by what an incredible sleeper we have. Halfway through the month we left for a trip around Europe. Jet lag hasn't really set Beau back too much. Our first night in Switzerland he slept through the night, which I was truly blown away by. It's early in the morning on our first day home and Beau is asleep in his crib. My little champion boy loves travel and his sleep has reflected that! His usual night of sleep is 9pm - 7am, most mornings I'll wake him up then just because of stuff we have going on. I'm interested to see how his schedule changes over the weeks ahead!

The majority of the last month has been more like lack of schedule :) Well, sort of! We maintained Beau's schedule to the best of our ability while in Europe but never wanted it to stop us from having meaningful experiences. So a few times we fed 30 minutes earlier or later to fit in with our day. Naps while on the go were a little shorter, as could be expected.

God is good and our sweet boy is healthy and happy! While traveling, we noticed that the airplane made little boy's nose rather dry, and caused some potty issues. Dehydration is no fun! I'm looking forward to sharing all of my discoveries from international travel with an infant so so soon!

Mostly just when he's really hungry, or having a random fussy day. I swear Beau knows when is an inconvenient time to cry.. while we were in Lake Como from a turn of events we ended up at a totally silent dinner overlooking the lake. Beau literally didn't make a peep the entire time during a full feed and an awake time. It truly blew us away! Beau's got some great instincts when it comes to manners! ;)

grabbing onto Mama's hair and not letting go
"standing up"
lots of airplane cuddles
practicing with his strong neck muscles
flirting with all of his new European friends while traveling

Milan (I just felt like he didn't like it there! Haha!)

First laugh while cuddling with his great Aunt Tracey in Brighton, and holding his head up on his own! Also notable is seeing his grandad and Uncle Henry for the first time since he was two weeks old, and meeting his Nan, Aunt Tracey, and cousins for the first time!

Places You’ve Gone:
Whoooweee! Many cities in Switzerland (Lucerne, Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken, Gimmelwald, and more!) were visited. As well as all three major cities around Lake Como in Italy, Brighton and London in England, and Paris, France!

This month's favorites are pretty travel specific. I'll be sharing all the details you could ever care to know about what worked for us while traveling this month soon, but for now here's a peek at the MVP items of our 17 day adventure!

For everywhere we went, I kept all of Beau's essentials in an LL Bean Tote Bag. I love the confidence and trust I have in this bag to withstand all! The quality is so amazing, and it was nice knowing the bag could handle any amount of weight or force.

Because we were on the go so much, hand sanitizer  was essential. I like this one because I'm not crazy about the gel form, and this smells so yummy!

Beau's stroller was without a doubt something we couldn't have gone without. A lot of this post is a tease for updates to come, but we specifically purchased this stroller with our trip in mind, knowing that Uppababy is one of the few companies with a stroller bassinet that can be used for overnight sleep. It was a splurge item for sure (made possible by generous gifts) but we've said over and over how glad we are to have it.

This diaper changing clutch made changes all over super simple. I love the feeling of knowing I have everything that I need in one place! I use this at home too, just thrown in my tote purse or kept in the front seat of the car.

This is one that we didn't use while traveling, but I love this detergent and am excited to be able to do regular laundry again. :) I will also note that I wash ALL our laundry in this, and I think that it's what has kept Beau from any baby acne.



  1. Love this! I've got to meet this sweet baby before he grows up! And I have an LL Bean tote for my teacher bag--they are so durable!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Wow, that sounds like such a helpful stroller to have. Glad you were able to use it. Nice things while traveling help SO much! Can't wait to read all your upcoming travel posts!!

  3. He is so cute!!! Sounds like he is developing quite the personality :)

  4. I was so encouraged to read your favorites from this month because we have every single thing you listed! I hadn't thought about using the baby laundry detergent for all our laundry, but I love that idea. Can't wait to read more about your adventures! :)

  5. Such a sweet picture of your little man!! Even though we don't have have a little one just yet, I still love reading all of your tips and tricks. :)

  6. What size of the tote bag do you have? I've been on the lookout for a good "weekend bag" for shorter trips for my 5-month-old daughter and it looks perfect!

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