Friday No. 42

Friday, August 26, 2016

No. 1
Last night we had our first real date night without Beau. Some of you may be thinking it took us awhile, but more than a month of his life was spent at the hospital or on vacation, so it just kind of got away from us! It was really great for us to have time just the two of us, but we were very cliche looking at pictures of Beau during dinner. We went furniture shopping (have a new item to share soon!) and then to dinner at PF Changs.. we love their crispy green beans so much!

This isn't what we got.. but while on the furniture wavelength.. this image stopped me in my tracks. LOVE!

No. 2
Other than crispy green bean dates, it's been a pretty good healthy eating bootcamp in our house. The other night I made this healthy summer stir fry, and it was so delicious! If you aren't a seafood person, just use chicken! That's how I had it the first time when my sister in law made it!

No. 3
This week was filled with lots of fun adventures.. on Wednesday we helped some sweet friends with their homeschool, and yesterday we took a visit to Beau's Auntie Susannah's office! She's leaving for a two week trip to Europe today, so we needed Beau to get some goodbye snuggles. We just strolled right on in to corporate America with a baby and he was a huge hit. Such a fun day!

Ps. If you're in the market for a comfy, ruffly tee... THIS. I kind of want it in every color! It's roomy and oversized, I ordered a small. Also, clue that I'm a new mom! Dusty mirror! Yikes!

No. 4

My favorite interior designers started a web series and I'm in love! I thought this video was really helpful!

No. 5
I mentioned last week that I'm ready for fall clothes, but even more so as the temperatures in Texas are back up. It's just so hard on my little boy when we're on the go. While daydreaming about fall clothes, I kept coming back to the fact that I've wanted a pair of TOMS wedge booties for years. Growing up as a taller girl has always made me shy away from heels and wedges. Five seven isn't crazy tall, but when you're heads taller above the boys in your elementary class, it scars you for life. That being said, over the past few years I've become super confident in resting in how God made me.. AKA I needed to get the wedges. Haha!! What do y'all think? I think they'll be so cozy and cute for fall. I tried them on with my favorite crop jeans and an old favorite sweater and already know what my go-to outfit will be in the season ahead! 

They have these wedges in little girl sizes too and I about died. All my friends with daughters, PLEASE buy so I can live vicariously through you! 

No. 6
An extra this week because I'm feeling chatty! ;) If you didn't catch my reflections on traveling with two month old baby boy all over Europe, check it out! I worked really hard trying to compile any and everything that could be of help! XO 

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  1. I've had those Toms wedges for 3 years and ADORE them. They've held up really well and I always get compliments on them wherever I go.

  2. Yeah those Toms booties ROCK!!! I have them and they are so so comfortable!! Also I'm five seven as well and they make me feel so confident :) you're gonna rock them!

  3. I'm curious about the video from your fav. Interior designers? I adore that table! How grand. Did you buy anything while out furniture shopping? Do you get baby sitters when you go on dates or family?

  4. I have the wedge booties and LOVE them :) I have the opposite struggle as I am only 5'1. I am curious about the interior designer web series, we are in negotiations on a potential first home! :) Happy Friday!

  5. I love my Toms booties - definitely a worthwhile purchase! I made that stir fry this summer, too and just loved it. So delicious and so easy!

  6. Happy Friday! For one reason or another my husband and I didn't make it out on date without our babe until she was 7 months old (yikes!). We need to better about getting out together for one on one time. Also, furniture shopping gives me all the heart eyes! And I feel you on the height issue + wearing tall shoes. I'm 5'8" so I've never been one to wear anything with extra heel. Let me know how you feel about those TOMS wedges though, because they are adorable and possibly worth the little extra height!

  7. I was going to tell you to go for the shoes, and then I saw that you already did! Good choice!! They're adorable!! I NEVER wear anything with a heel (I'm 5'6" - just feel way too tall and lanky with heels on), but got a new pair of ankle boots with a little height from Target and am so excited to wear them!

  8. I have been wanting the TOMS wedges forever as well. I'm only 5'3" so I can use all the help I can get! Ha. I'm curious about the designer video series as well...who is your fave designer?

  9. The interior design video didn't link but I'm super curious!

  10. Are the TOMS wedges super comfy? I'm a teacher and I think they're so cute, but I need to be able to wear them all day! Please update us and let us know :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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