Lake Como

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lake Como has always been intriguing to me. Last year when we went to Italy, we left off two places that I had originally wanted to squeeze in, Lake Como & Milan. Honestly by pure chance it turned out to be extremely convenient for us to visit these places on this trip. The Lake Como area was a perfect two day stop on our drive from Switzerland, back to Milan.

When we arrived in Varenna after our trip across the Lake on the ferry, we were exhausted. It was a really long day. Up early to feed Beau and repack our things, driving and getting lost all around Switzerland, Ben jumping off a 220 meter dam, etc. :) I needed a shower and a sit down meal, but the second we arrived at our hotel the view took my breath away.

The above photo was taken from where we parked our car. An average parking spot, I'd say! ;) 

The people at the hotel were the sweetest! We checked in, and got settled in our room. They had set up a pack and play for Beau which was really sweet. Our hotel was a doable but maybe 20 minute walk away from the hub ub of town, so we opted to shower and eat in the hotel restaurant, as the staff suggested. 

This was the first time I noted that traveling with a tiny baby is really different than traveling on our own! The view was amazing, with candles, the temperature perfect... but for whatever reason all of our fellow diners desired a completely silent meal! Eek! No one was talking above a tiny whisper except the group at the table farthest away from us. So every tiny squeal from our sweet babe was going to be heard. The most remarkable thing happened.. it's like Beau knew he had to be on his best behavior! He was completely silent the entire meal. He stayed in his bassinet stroller some, we both held him. Even during his feeding, completely quiet. This part was a big surprise as Beau had been kind of fussy during his feedings that day, maybe because they were taking place in the weirdest places!

So there you have it! Beau's first fancy romantic Italian meal. :) 

The next day we made sure that we were well rested, then got ready for a day of exploring. 

Here's a photo where you can see the hotel restaurant setup. Isn't it amazing? 

Clearly I wasn't super conscious of loosing baby weight on this trip.. nutella filled croissant, two hard boiled eggs, and a piece of cheese. A champion breakfast!

Above, the red building and the stairs.. thats all our hotel. We had to do a lot of steep climbing to get in and out. It was so worth it for the view though. 

Has there ever been more of a dad pic? :) 

We absolutely love Italy.. so it was really nice to reunite with the friendly Italian culture and delicious cuisine! 

For the morning, we took the ferry to Bellagio. We had heard that it had the most to do of the three towns, and would have great people watching. 

Once we got there we spend a bit of time feeding Beau and just soaking in the views. Those feedings slowed us down a bit, and honestly we enjoyed a much better pace of travel than we might have had otherwise.

What I Wore: 

I never want to forget any snuggles with my boy.. much less gorgeous Lake Como ones! Ben has really been enjoying taking photos. He always does when we travel, but especially since Beau has been born. He's captured some truly amazing moments. 

The only photo of just the two of us from the trip. Beau was napping in the bassinet. :) 

Sometimes when you take a selfie someone spots you and offers to take a photo, which happened here. :) I grabbed Beau out to take advantage of the opportunity to get a photo of the three of us together! 

Clearly Beau wasn't phased by his surroundings and enjoyed a leisurely nap while we ate a delicious Italian meal. Although I will note that the food we ate this year wasn't as good as during our trip last year!

After lunch we decided to head back to Varenna. We loved walking along the side of the lake. The flowers in Europe are so amazingly beautiful. I took photos of so many!

The photo above actually shows where we ate dinner! The place on the far left! 

During the brightest hours of the day, we stayed in the room keeping our little fella cool and relaxing. When the sun started to go down, we got dressed for dinner and took some photos on the balcony outside our room before heading down to find somewhere to eat. I'm a nerd, but I bought this dress with Lake Como in mind!

The photo below shows the crazy.. streets? halls? of Varenna. I carried Beau and Ben carried the stroller. Yikes!!

We enjoyed a really sweet dinner, in a much louder restaurant than the night before. 

The next morning it was rainy and very cloudy. Look how low the clouds were! It was so neat. 

The panoramic shows the view from our balcony! 

Overall thoughts on Lake Como. It was beautiful, and could appeal to different demographics. When we first arrived we were afraid it was going to be mostly couples seeking freedom from babies. :) But there were actually a lot of families there. For us, Lake Como was great for this trip but I don't know that we'd go back. Having also visited Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast, there are other waterside places we'd rather go. In case you're keeping track, we'd pick Cinque Terre anyday! Our next stop was onto Milan!



  1. I love all of the beautiful pictures! Sweet memories you'll get to cherish forever :)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. More gorgeous pictures! Sounds like another great leg to your trip!

  3. You mentioned stopping for lots of feedings with your cutie pie. I don't know if you'rebottle or breastfeeding/pumping, but if you are nursing I was curious how that went abroad in the different places you traveled, and just how you juggled it while traveling. We have a road trip with my little one next month, nothing compared to your venture, but I'm already nervous/anxious to see how it goes with baby this time. Any advice?

  4. Where was your second dress from?

  5. Looks like a beautiful spot!! I love the views from dinner!

  6. So beautiful!! I love the simplicity of Beau's wardrobe, just white onesies and sometime light blue :) That's how I picture dressing my babies one day!

  7. Beautiful photos! I want to visit Italy. I wonder what the Italians thought of Beau?? He is SOOO stinkin' cute!! I can't say that after a stressful day I would've wanted to do my hair and makeup, so props to you for that!!


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