Monday, August 29, 2016

By the time we reached Milan, we were ready for a chill day! We had two nights there, and so our first halfway we relaxed, ate near the hotel, and just hung out in our room. We let Beau get some quality naps in, at his scheduled times, and it was AWESOME. We saved a TON of money by staying in a hotel out by the soccer stadium, San Siro. Like, it was less than $200 in our biggest hotel room of the trip with really fast wifi kind of saving. It only took us about 30 minutes from our hotel room to get to the center of Milan, so it wasn't a big deal at all. 

We took the metro when we wanted to get anywhere. 

What I Wore:

The sun was really bright for the little bear, hence the sunshade on his bassinet being out. We retreated to a large department store around the corner from the duomo to browse the Italian fashion and eat in the luxury food court. 

I loved the styling of this corner of the food court. We almost stopped there, but I saved my lobster roll for London. :) 

We chose Italian food, for obvious reasons, and split a pesto ravioli and eggplant gnocchi. YUM. The eggplant gnocchi was my favorite. After lunch Beau was having a hard time, and we hadn't done enough research on Milan to keep us out and about until dinner time. We went back to the hotel so he could nap in the cool air conditioning. Having a summertime baby is just plain hard. Back here in Texas, getting him in and out of the car even in the morning feels so mean. It's just so hot!

In the evening we went to the Galleria, and ate dinner. But first, we stopped for a few more photos at the duomo, and a gelato appetizer. :)

I got Nutella and wild berry, SO yummy!

The spot we chose for dinner was perfect. The whole area feels fancy but the restaurant we stopped at had lots of families so we felt comfortable with Beau. They also seated us on the outside so the stroller could fit. Really everywhere we went everyone was really accommodating with the stroller and really eager to help. It was kind of the opposite of what I expected. Everyone was nicer to us because we had Beau with us. 

The next morning we headed to London! 

By far the hardest part of the trip was our experience in the Milan airport. We dropped off our rental car and needed to get on the shuttle bus to the other terminal. We had a baby and all of our luggage, stroller put away. We paid a random guy two euro for his cart just to get to the shuttle. It was already too full so we waited for the next one. I was wearing Beau and holding one tote, and the plan was for me to stand with the luggage pile while Ben quickly loaded our things on, and then we'd all get on. We met a sweet family from Charleston who had been traveling for a few months with their one year old and three year old. They helped us and they were such an encouragement. When I got on the crowded bus with Beau held tight to me while Ben handled the luggage the husband of the family was proclaiming EVERYONE LOOK OUT SHE HAS A BABY! so that no one would push me or anything. So, so nice. Once the shuttle experience was over we were fine. Ben killed it with all the luggage, as pictured. :) 

We were SO ready to see our family, which you'll hear about in my next travel post! :) 


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