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Monday, August 1, 2016

I've been on a major organizing and decluttering kick lately. Something about becoming a mama made me want everything to be as streamlined as possible. I found a ton of inspiration in this home tour, from "The Home Edit", on Style Me Pretty Living. The Home Edit blog is so incredibly inspirational. I see some fall cleaning in our future, once I want to spend our budget on organization stuff and not travel expenses or the Nordstrom sale. Eek! :) 

Image via The Home Edit
On Friday night (with the help of my besties) I tackled our pantry! We don't have a true pantry with built in shelves, just a closet off of our kitchen that we put metal shelving up in. Before we bought the house, it was actually a laundry room! We moved our washer and dryer into a large closet and created our pantry where it is now. I've organized the pantry before but nothing has stuck. I'm feeling really good about this new system though! :) 

I already had some of these storage baskets (in the medium size here) from Target, but I organized things into specific categories. I have Breakfast, Baking, Dinner, Cans, Drinks, Sweets, Nuts, Bars, Snacks, and etc. My friend Susannah wrote all the categories in her beautiful script on these labels and I tied them to the baskets with some blue baker's twine

I plan on doing the same system on the other shelf with all of my cleaning and entertaining products sometime soon! :) What do y'all think? Have you been doing any organizing projects? :) 


  1. I love how you organized this! I'm currently on an organizing kick as well- I'm in the midst of doing my bedroom!

  2. Oh my gosh, your friend's script is gorgeous! Love!

  3. Very cool! I need to do something to my pantry. It's a decent size, but for someone who is not naturally organized, it's easy for me to just toss stuff in there without thinking about it, leaving it crazy after a large grocery trip or frustrating when I can't find stuff.

  4. The home edit's blog is ridiculously inspirational. Love how you organized everything into categories. I'm taking notes!


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