The Beginning of our Trip: Switzerland

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I'm so giddy about this post and the images in it! We had such a truly fantastic time on our big trip, our third summer in a row exploring Europe. Ben and I have both traveled internationally quite a bit, together and apart, and we agree that this was the smoothest trip we've ever taken. I honestly imagined the opposite, anticipating a learning curve for traveling with a two month old, but Beau rocked it. :) We were gone for 17 days and this is the first long trip I've ever taken where I'm not at least partially anticipating home about a week before the trip's end. I'm not sure what caused this, but I share all of that to say that we had an extremely sweet and full trip. The ultimate purpose of the trip was to take Beau to meet my grandmother, aunt, and cousins in England. When booking our trip with flyer miles, it was easier for us to fly into Milan, Ben had always wanted to visit Switzerland, and the rest is history! I'll be sharing all of our destinations, and a post of tips + reflection on traveling with Beau in the upcoming weeks.

We started our trip with a flight from Dallas to Miami. I was on pins and needles about Beau having a smooth flight, but to our delight he literally didn't make a peep. He was the sweetest boy and I was truly shocked about how easy his first flight was. When we got off the plane in Miami, all of the flight attendants at the gate started speaking cheery, quick Spanish talking about Beau.. all I could get out of it was the Spanish word for hair! :)

Our ten hour flight to Milan was great too. Beau got a little fussy towards the middle of the flight during a feeding, but the white noise of the airplane kept our neighbors happy. :) We had never experienced a flight like this.. the plane was maybe half full. We moved from our row of two to a row of three so Beau could lay down between us. It was so nice! There were literally people laying down in every row, the flight attendants were offering everyone extra meals, etc. It's not something we could ever recreate but it was awesome for baby boy's first Transatlantic flight.

We landed in Milan at around 9am, claimed our baggage and picked up our rental car. We immediately drove several hours north to Lucerne, our home base for the trip. I am so, so glad that we chose Lucerne. It was a charming city that we fell in love with. Ben said that it's the European city he would choose to live in if we had to move. We settled in, took showers and naps, and then decided not to let a rainy evening squash our plans, we set out with umbrellas and found a cozy restaurant for a yummy pizza. When we were walking home the rain had cleared and we had the best sunset!

What I Wore:
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The next day we had a lot to accomplish! We wanted to get a real feel for the country and see some gorgeous views but had only planned two nights in Switzerland. It's quite more expensive for everything, so we thought it would be best to limit our time there.  The first goal was to see the most notable sight of Lucerne, the Chapel Bridge. I fell in love! It is so so charming!

We stopped at this lovely fruit stand (I shared it here) and got a yummy fresh smoothie. I wish I could have one every day, so delicious!

After the bridge, we hopped in the car and headed towards Interlaken. Isn't it crazy what all the houses outside of the city look like? 

Once we got to Interlaken, we decided to just stop and feed Beau before moving on to Lauterbrunnen and then Gimmelwald. Beau's had his bottles in front of so many amazing sights on this trip!

When we got to Lauterbrunnen we just explored, took photos, and snuggled our babe. We didn't eat there, but there were lots of fun restaurants along the main drag. 

At home, it's always so bright so I have very few photos of Beau outside with his eyes open. It was so nice to be somewhere that the sun wasn't blinding him!

Our next stop was to catch a cable car up in the mountains towards Gimmelwald. It was the first stop on the cable car, with the last stop leaving you up in the snowy Alps, but we were a little unsure about bringing our tiny boy up into the high altitude. 

Gimmelwald is so incredibly charming. It felt like a little storybook town. 

We ate at the sweetest little place overlooking the most incredible view. It is going to be one of my most memorable meals, for sure. The food was yummy and the view was just surreal. 

After lunch we just walked around the tiny town. 

The next two photos make me laugh! I spotted "The Honesty Shop" where there isn't a worker and you pay in a box. We were going to buy a postcard there but didn't have change, so it was the one time it wouldn't work out to shop, haha! 

On our way out of Lucerne, I had spotted the most amazing scenic overlook, so it was a major priority to stop overlooking Lungern on the way back. We had to wait a few minutes when we pulled up for a large college group to clear out, but it was so worth it! Just looking at these photos makes me miss the mild weather so much. It's been miserably hot in Texas since we got home and I loved being able to wear coats and sweaters on our trip. It was especially nice for Beau!

To finish off our day, we ate a picnic dinner by the water and got a few pieces of yummy Swiss chocolate from a local shop. It was a long, full, and wonderful day! 

PS. This gorgeous top, one of my favorites from summer, is on sale! I wore it later on in the trip, and wanted to give y'all a heads up in case it sells out! :) 



  1. you know I love this post SOOO much!! Swissieland is so beautiful, and I'm happy you loved it (: also, beau is the cutest!!

  2. The pics are gorgeous! Victoria, you look like Heidi in the Alps, love the pics of Beau with you with the scenery in the background!

  3. Your pictures are AMAZING!!! What a wonderful start to your trip!!!

  4. Absolutely love that you guys are traveling the globe with Beau. He is just so adorable in all of these pics!! Switzerland was not on my radar before this post but your pictures are so breathtaking it is now on my list of places to see in person.

  5. How gorgeous! I've been waiting patiently for some Europe posts from you. ;) I've never been across the pond, so I'm definitely living vicariously through you!

  6. Ah I want to go to Lauterbrunnen so badly! Did you see any BASE jumpers or wingsuiters while you we're out there? I want to BASE out there so badly!

  7. Wow to all of this. Switzerland looks incredible! Also obsessed with Beaus jammies :-)

  8. Beautiful! Switzerland it on the top of my Travel list, I've never seen a bad picture of that country!

  9. I just can't get over how cute Beau is!

  10. Ahhh! I am loving these posts - we are expecting in January and I'm already looking into our European vacation next spring/summer with our newest addition. Thanks for any & all tips & tricks! :)

  11. Yay! I've been following your along with your trip on Instagram and it looks like you guys had a blast! Your pictures are gorgeous! I want to go to Switzerland so bad! Also Beau is the cutest, I'm dying over the amount of hair he has!


  12. Such stunning pictures! I'm so glad he did so well on his flight!

  13. Beautiful photo of you holding Beau over the scenic overlook of Lungern!! I'm in awe of you flying with Beau so young. Way to go!

  14. Your baby!! That lion king photo of him is THE BEST. Also, the one of you holding him up in front of that view (that view!!!) - you will cherish that FOREVER!


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