Friday No. 44

Friday, September 16, 2016

This post is a little late today, some mishaps this morning kept me from posting it but I love Friday posts and hope y'all do too so better late than never! :) 

No. 1
I'm sure y'all have heard about this LA times short story... but let me just reiterate what a good read it is!

No. 2
This week I fell in love... with a rug. Overall, I shy away from a lot of color when decorating, but blue is my exception. I had looked at this gorgeous rug online several times but when I saw it in store at Pottery Barn I about lost my marbles. It's a splurge, but I'm dreaming of getting to a place where our home is filled with quality items, maybe one day Santa will bring me this rug? :)

No. 3
Speaking of home decor, I made something new and picked something new up this week. 

Since I made little DIY silhouettes for our cousins a few years ago, I've been dreaming of making them for my own children. Because of Beau's hair, this literally looks like the silhouette of a five year old, haha!

I also picked this up last weekend! It first caught my eye at Hobby Lobby about a year ago when visiting Nicole with Jamie at a Mississippi Hobby Lobby, haha! :) But when I saw my friend Sarah bought it, I knew I had to go back and grab it!

No. 4

A few of y'all had asked me to update you on my TOMS booties purchase. I still feel like they're kind of out of my comfort zone, but I like them a lot! I haven't worn them much since it's still hot, but I threw them on to show y'all my new favorite clothing item ever- this vest from Matilda Jane! If you order, use my bestie at checkout. I'm not doing a party or anything, I just love it and want y'all to know and support my friend! :)

No. 5

One of my favorite photos from this week is Beau snuggling with his sweet friend Hallie! Hallie read him lots of books and was so good with him. Hallie is the daughter of our good friends Tyler and Polly, and they are expecting another baby in March! I am SO excited and we've already got plans brewing for a baby shower in January. I'll keep y'all posted, since you know I'm party crazy! 

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  1. Um, how PRECIOUS is Beau in his little fall-themed outfit? So adorable!! Also, I can't believe I've never requested this before because I always think it, but I would really like you to post a hair tutorial someday :)

  2. love that beau silhouette!! and that rug!

  3. I love that fall sign! And is the silhouette easy to do? It looks awesome and I'd love to make something like that for my niece!

  4. That last picture of Beau totally got me, how stinkin' cute are those two?! And I love your outfit with your Tom's, they look like they're going to be perfect for Fall :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  5. I adore the silhouette print! You must show us how you do it!


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