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Monday, September 26, 2016

Hi friends, Happy Monday! Today, as part of the Blogtember Challenge, I'm welcoming my good friend Sarah to my blog. I have been so blessed by close friendships formed in blogging, and Sarah is probably my most kindred spirit of those friendships! I thought it would be fun to ask her to share her thoughts on making a brand new build feel cozy, because all of my interior experience so far has been with a fixer upper. :) Enjoy!

Check out my post on her blog, here!

Hey y'all!  I am so thankful that Victoria has allowed me to guest post on her blog today!  We have formed a genuine friendship through blogging, and one day we will have to share our story :)

For those of you who don't know me, I blog at Meet the Shaneyfelts.  My husband, Dustin, and I just celebrated two years in July, and I blog everything from life, to recipes, to fashion posts--basically everything that is my life!  Click here for a little more info!

After we married two years ago, we moved into a cute townhouse apartment in our small town because we couldn't decide whether we wanted to buy a house or build.  After living in that apartment for about six months, we decided to start looking around to buy because we thought that building would be way out of our price range.  Well, we were wrong.

We bought our lot in February of 2015, building started in March 2015 (thanks to snow and lots of rain), and we moved in the very last day of June 2015!

Because we moved into a brand new home, I am--and have been--very intentional in how I make our house a home.  In how I make our home comfortable and inviting to others.  It's important to me that each piece in our home tells a story.

I have made it a point to decorate our home seasonally throughout the year because whenever we do have children, I want our children to grow up with the memory of having a home always decorated for each season.

This is how I decorated our front porch our very first fall last year.  I was so excited to have my own space to decorate!

And so far this fall....
 ...I haven't really decorated.  I learned last year that mums require sunlight and only half of our porch ever sees the sun so only half of each mum lived ha!  And since we had 100 degree heat yesterday, it's been too hot to decorate any extra.  You can't see my ceramic pumpkins in this picture, but those and this door hanger is pretty much it right now.

 In our entryway, I always keep some sort of candy in the candy dish.  Since it's fall, I've got candy corn in it.  The crystal candy dish was my step-grandmother's dish, and the antique dresser was generously gifted to us by a wonderful lady in my town.  The story behind it is so beautiful and special.

 I keep a candle burning by the sink, and because our home is an open floor plan, the smell wafts throughout the house.  I believe that homes are always more welcoming and comfortable when they smell good!

 I always make it a point to decorate with items that are special to Dustin and I.  Dustin has a degree in wildlife science from Auburn University, and when we first started dating, he was working with wildlife management at The Nature Conservancy on a military base in Mississippi.  I've incorporated his love of the outdoors and wildlife into our decor.  The antler is from a deer he killed.  Sanctuary contains pictures from his old job site in MS, and the author even sat down with him and his coworkers while writing the book.  Wildlife of the South represents Dustin's passion.

 There's nothing worse, in my opinion, than going to someone's house and freezing!  Because of that, I wanted to keep a few blankets and throws in the living room in case anyone was ever cold in our house.  I appreciate having blankets to use at my friends' homes!

All of the art on the walls in our home is representative of either Dustin or me.  I have a huge reprint of a Georgia O'Keefe painting hanging of our living room because a substitute in fifth grade once gave my class an art lesson on O'Keefe and had us paint our own flowers--and ever since then, I've loved her work.

(sorry for the horrible picture quality--reflections galore!)
Larry Chandler was a very famous artist from my hometown.  He was very famous for painting wildlife and sporting dogs.  I picked up this signed print from a frame shop downtown that still had some of his artwork, and I surprised Dustin with it when we moved into our new home!

Because I want all of the artwork to have meaning--not something from Hobby Lobby that I just picked up because it was pretty--it has taken a while to decorate our walls.  It's very important that our home be representative of us in our hobbies and passions, and I believe that our home is slowly becoming that!

How have you made your house a home?


  1. Decorating with items that are special to you and meaningful can make all the difference in the world! Candles and blankets don't hurt either. :)

  2. Beautiful home! I definitely agree with adding touches that represent both in a marriage throughout the house.

  3. I love this Sarah! Having art that means something and doing small things to make people feel welcome and wanted in your home is so important to creating a place where friends and family want to be.

  4. I love this post, Sarah! And I love your home decor! And yes yes YES to blankets!!!! Not too many nights go by that I don't use the throw on our couch while I'm watching TV!

  5. Loving your fall decor! I definitely need to up my decorating game this year and make my space more cozy!

  6. First of all, I was so excited to see that you and Victoria have swapped blogs for the day-two of my very favorite bloggers! I loved this post so, so much. Our home is one that my husband purchased & renovated before we met, so since I have come into the home I've been trying to intentionally blend our styles as well as gently turning it into a home from a man cave ;) I love that you said that about the art-I never wanted our art to be something generic either! We have several hand-painted pictures from a local artist, several that we have purchased together from the Wild Turkey Federation (beautiful art work with great memories!) & a few pieces of Auburn art because we're both Auburn people :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

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