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Saturday, September 10, 2016

I've wanted to do one of these posts for a long time, but haven't ever gotten around to it. I think that now it will be especially fun as Beau grows up and our routines change! :) This is just an average Friday for us. I started the day with 0 plans, 0 agenda, which I thought would be fun so y'all could see how a very normal day unfolds around here. :) 

I started the morning with my usual breakfast, an english muffin with peanut butter. I've gone back and forth with different breakfast options, but I always end up coming back to this. I'm still in my jammies but brush my teeth, wash my face, and apply eye cream and moisturizer. 

I slept in a little bit this morning and woke up at about 7:15, I quickly ate this breakfast so that I would be in good shape to wake up Beau and feed him at 7:30. I watched the first 20 minutes of a episode of Fixer Upper on our dvr as I gave Beau his bottle and we cuddled for a minute. 

I put Beau in his boppy lounger so I could quickly send an email I needed to get out early in the day before some uninterrupted time with my boy. We did tummy time, read stories, sang songs, all the fun things you do with a four month old. :) I feel like it's so important to be focused and present with Beau during at least one of his awake times each day. I know that may not always be able to happen, but life often gets in the way and I want to be able to look back on these quick early life moments with him and remember the sweet times we shared. During this time I change into workout clothes so I'll be ready to get moving during Beau's first nap of the day, and I also change him into clothes for the day.

During our playtime I remembered that I saw online earlier that it's National Teddy Bear Day! Since we call Beau, Beau Bear, he needed a photo in his outfit! I texted it quickly to a few friends and our family group text, and would end up sharing it on social media later on in the day. 

Beau goes down for a nap at a little before 9am and I have an hour and a half before his next meal. I respond to some text messages, and turn on a few of my favorite Tone It Up videos to get a casual Friday workout in before my shower.

I hurried to get ready so that I'd be all set before Beau ate, and I achieved the goal. 
I gave Beau his bottle and then changed his clothes and diaper. 
I see this view a lot, and it sure is sweet! Beau LOVES laying on his changing table and is always smiling big for me so we hang out for extra time there often. :) 

My poor sweet boy scratched his face this week in his sleep. :( The struggle of not swaddling anymore! 

Before heading out the door, I stripped our bed to wash our sheets, and threw a few other things in the washing machine, and started the dishwasher too! It's been a busy week and quite a few chores have piled up. I'm hoping to get caught up this weekend.
We then hopped in the car for an adventure after I packed Beau's diaper bag. Ben had texted me and suggested that we come see him for lunch, and to that we said Hooray!! I called in some food to Jason's Deli (with cookies for the rest of his team at school) and headed to Target for a few quick things before the pickup. 

Target had many pumpkin spice things to offer which was WONDERFUL. Last year at this time I was finding out that I was pregnant with Beau, and then having crazy morning sickness and no appetite for normal happy foods. This year is my pumpkin time! That reminds me that I need to go to Trader Joe's! :) 
Armed with some cookies, we headed into Ben's school! 
I didn't take too many pics of our visit, I thought that might be weird because of us being at the school, but it was so fun getting to see Ben in the middle of the day!
After getting home and Beau eating at 2 and then playing until a little after three, he goes down for another nap. I catch up on some planning and some emails with his monitor close by. 
My productivity soon stalled when this guy decided to join me.. 
Beau is pretty bored of taking his 3:30-5 nap. Haha! But that's okay, because I've loved these extra sleep regression snuggles for the most part. In a few years, or even just one, I won't care if I got a little less done in favor of snuggling my boy. 

I did half of Beau's 5pm feed, and Ben got home and wanted to finish while he watched the news. Ben's mom stopped by and our little nap skipper looked like this: 
He couldn't keep his little eyes open! 
Every Friday night our extended family hosts a dinner for whoever isn't busy and we try to attend as much as possible. I told Ben that we needed to take a selfie for this post and he responded in this very unexpected way, haha!

We loved dinner with family at our favorite place to eat in town. After dinner we headed home, gave Beau a bath and snuggled him for his bedtime bottle, and now I'm working on this blog post after putting our clean sheets on our bed, and Ben's catching up on some ESPN. We're excited for a calm day of sweet time together tomorrow! 

I loved doing this day in the life post! I hope that y'all think it's interesting! :) 



  1. So sweet! Those early months are so precious!! What pumpkin things do you like to get at Trader Joe's?

  2. Definitely enjoy those change table smiles & hang out sessions, by seven months you will be missing these relaxed moments as Beau learns acrobatic moves you didn't know possible & you will have acquired the ability to change a diaper in 30 seconds or less.

  3. Sounds like a perfect Friday! Hope you're having a nice, relaxing weekend with that precious boy! :)

  4. That sweet boy! I just adore his hair (as I’m sure you get many compliments on it!). And your gallery wall in his nursery gives me envy...I can’t wait to move out of this one bedroom and finally get an actual room for our son. It looks like you keep busy :) Visiting from the challenge!

  5. Sounds like a nice day! I love that your extended family gets together every week.. how nice!

  6. I LOVE your post, oh and that baby, so so precious! Have a great weekend!

  7. Seriously need to get out and grab some pumpkin spice things!

  8. I loved taking a look into your life with this post! Beau is absolutely adorable, and for a new momma, you're rocking this thing! :)

  9. I love these posts! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I'm a sucker for these posts. I used to do an hour by hour post for one weekend out of every month, but haven't in so long. I need to do another soon. I love Beau's little knit bear jacket. I need to get one for Greer. Just like you call your babe Beau Bear, we call our girl Greerzly Bear (get it?!); her daddy came up with that one :) And I'm all over the pumpkin bandwagon now! Fallelujah!!

  11. These posts are my absolute favorite! Love that you guys do family dinners!

  12. I love these type of posts-it's so fun to see what how people's normal everyday routines are! I was wondering if you had ever considered doing a exercise type post, maybe showing your favorite videos/workouts that you can do at home or around home anyways! I would love to hear about it :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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