Sunday, September 4, 2016

Reading... I just started Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty.
Playing...around with a few DIY project ideas. It's been awhile since I've done a project, and I've got the itch!
Watching... the Aggies pull out an awesome win against UCLA!
Trying... to get organized! We've got a busy season ahead, and I'm loving every second of my favorite time of the year!
Cooking... I made SkinnyTaste Chicken Parm tonight... so, so delicious!
Eating... my belly is full of chicken parmesan from dinner!
Drinking... a big old ice water! "Fall" may be here.. but it is hot in Texas!
Texting... Sarah, planning a visit for this fall!
Pinning... everything. I go through big phases with pinterest, and right now I'm LOVING it. Pinning everything I might need to reference ever again in my life.
Tweeting... nothing. I pretty much only retweet common white girl and things about the Bachelor. Haha!
Going... crazy with joy over my weekly Simplified Planner! You need one! :)
Loving... a slow, college football Saturday! We've been going non stop for so many weeks now and we needed some sweet rest.
Hating... that Pretty Little Liars doesn't come back on until April 2017. Yes, I'm old and watch PLL. Can't stop, won't stop. At least there will only be ten more episodes left but I will almost have a ONE year old then! Too far away!
Thinking... about what a great day it's been! Celebrating a bestie's daughter's birthday, celebrating afar with a friend over great news, sweetness with my boys. I couldn't ask for more!
Feeling... like we're in such a good groove with my precious boy. He's growing, smiling, laughing, eating well, getting stronger. God is so good to allow me to be Beau's mama!
Hoping... that my gorgeous new fall goodies from Matilda Jane will arrive soon! I got thisthis, & this.. and have my eye on this! Email my friend Tiffany ( to purchase.
Listening (to)... more college football on in the background, it's that time of year!
Celebrating... at a unicorn themed birthday party was a great start to our day!
Smelling... one of the last summer candles of the season, my favorite Tiki Beach from Bath & Body Works.
Ordering... prints and a photo book from our trip! My favorite thing. I keep meaning to do a post detailing how I handle all of our family photos. Would that be interesting?
Thanking... the Lord for His faithfulness in the life of a friend this week!
Considering... returning this top I recently got from Anthro... what do y'all think?
Starting... meal planning for next week! Wal Mart grocery pickup is making this so much easier for me!
Finishing... this blog post so that my sweet boy can get his bedtime bath! The sweetest, snuggliest part of my day!

What are YOU up to currently?


  1. I think a post about what you do with all your photos would be interesting. You have an excellent eye for photography. All of your photos are so beautiful. I like your Matilda Jane Clothing selections & the Anthropologist top is cute. It reminds me of your style. It is expensive at $98 though. I'd like to shop at Anthro but cannot afford to especially with shipping charges.

  2. Really enjoying these daily posts! Please do one about family photos, would be really interesting to hear how you do it :) xx

  3. As a first time commenter, I just have to say how much I love your blog and reading about your sweet precious family! I love that your love for our Lord shines through in every blog post, and I can tell how genuine you are. Beau is absolutely beautiful. I know a lot of grown men who would be jealous of that hair...ha! Just wanted to pop in to say Hi. I'd love a post about how you organize photos and maybe a day in the life post?

  4. Liane Moriarty is such a good author! I read one of her books and then I had to read them all. Wish we had Walmart grocery pick up in my area!

  5. I loved Liane’s previous book The Husband’s Secret...I am guilty of starting it last year and never finishing it...but what I did read it was SO GOOD. I was excited to see she’s released her newest novel and after I get through these Harry Potter books (I’m reading them all for the first time!) I’ll have to pick that up. Visiting from the linkup!

  6. I have Truly, Madly, Guilty on my Kindle and I'm hoping to start it this week while on vacation. I've read a couple of her others and have loved them!

  7. Oh man, I watched PLL for the first few seasons, but I'm now waiting until it FINALLY ENDS so I can just binge watch the whole series on Netflix. And oh, I love me some Skinnytaste Chicken Parm!

  8. I love that top! Don't return it! haha

  9. Yay for Aggies! We were watching UH vs OU and our Cougs pushed through! I am not a football person but I think moving to Texas is going to change that real quick!

  10. LOVE the look of that Anthro top but it does seem a little expensive - maybe return it and watch to see if it goes on sale? That's what I'll be doing now :) Also, thank you for the heads up on Walmart Grocery pick-up - I didn't know it existed but am excited to try it out when we go shopping next week!!

  11. Hi there!! I just placed a Walmart grocery pick up order based on your recommendation! I have a two year old and a new one due in a few months so I wanted to try it out! grocery shopping want easy with my newborn! ;) It seems great and affordable! Just wondering you tip the folks who bring out your stuff? Thanks!!


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