5 Little Joys

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

1.This little smile
Sorry, I'm a new mama. You had to have seen it coming. :)

2. Blogging
Recently I've been loving blogging more than I ever have. In the past few months, several times I've cried over emails from blog readers. Y'all just bless me SO STINKING MUCH! I am constantly getting so much encouragement from people across the country, and even the world. It's something that's so unique and wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm so grateful for this little platform and how it's allowed me to connect with so many people I wouldn't have met otherwise. While on this topic, I'm committing to start responding to comments a lot more. Sometimes I feel like they don't always need a reply, but getting them is my favorite part of blogging.. so y'all need to hear back from me, plain and simple! Can't wait for the sweet conversations ahead! :)

3. Restocking Simple Things in our Home
This sounds so silly, but I always feel a breath of fresh air when I know I'm not going to be searching for a hair tie, or squeezing the last bit of shampoo out of the bottle. Am I crazy? Haha!

4. Candles
A home just feels more cozy with a candle, am I right? Sometimes I go through phases where I think I shouldn't light them to save money or conserve candle for special occasions or whatever.. but something so simple brings me so much joy so bring on the candles! I used to be an Anthropologie candle snob, and for sure still have some that I love and enjoy using as decoration... but I'm a sucker for a sale on 3 wick Bath and Body Works candles!! I recently picked up Honeycrisp Apple, Cider Lane, and Leaves for the fall!

This is more like a big joy! :) When I first started reading blogs in college, I fell in love with adoption stories. I read them and cried along with these families as they prayed their baby home. Ben and I have always had a mutual openness and love for adoption. Is it hard? Yes. Is it worth it? Also yes. Especially since having Beau, adoption has been on the forefront of my mind more and more. What if my sweet boy didn't have a home and needed one? If Beau had been born in many countries of the world, he would have been considered flawed and as sickening as it is to say, thrown out. This has stirred our hearts towards adoption and I'm prayerful about the future makeup of our family, but for now, we CELEBRATE with our friends who have walked in obedience toward giving a child a home. I've cried so many tears and sang so many songs of praise over this sweet baby.

Their baby is due in two weeks and they'll go pick up that precious babe who I know is already wanting to cuddle his/her (secret gender for privacy until they are home!) Aunt Vee!! I'd love for you to join us in praying for this baby, and maybe even help with the financial goal to make this happen. I cannot wait to link y'all to the story of when this precious family finally gets to meet!


  1. TOTALLY feel you on the candles! I used to want to conserve my favorite ones but I've decided NOPE, I love them and they make everything cozier and better, so I'm going to gladly burn them and enjoy every bit of them! :) Such a funny little thing, but they really do just add so much to a room. And I'm so glad you shared about the Coles-- I've loved following them and praying for them! :)

  2. Awww I was excited to see the Coles got matched too! Such a sweet story of God's provision!
    Your little guy is beyond adorable!! And I agree, blogging has been such a great way for the introverted me to get out there and share thoughts and lessons I am learning. It has been so great to find a community of bloggers who have become dear friends!

  3. Bath and Body works candles are my absolute favorite! I'm burning two of them in my house right now! I am so happy for the Cole's! I've been following Nicoles blog for a long time and am so happy that adoptive and biological babies will be joining their family!

  4. All such wonderful things! I love all these things and am so happy for the Coles!

  5. how sweet that the Coles were matched! Nothing makes me smile more than seeing wonderful couples become parents :-) And, how could sweet Beau's smile NOT bring people joy-he is just the cutest!

  6. All such sweet things! I love candles too and thank you for sharing about the Coles, that is great news!

  7. Restocking little things --- yes! I am so with you there :)

  8. Show me all of the pictures of Beau! Cannot wait until I can finally hold him!

  9. SO SO SO excited for the Coles!!!

    & have you ever tried the Candelles brand?! I'm a snob for them now.

  10. CANDLES FOREVER. I'm seriously obsessed. Now that the fall ones are out I'm gonna go CRAZY. They are my favorite scents!

  11. Of course that sweet smiling photo brings you joy!!! So much cute in one picture. Love hearing adoption stories!! No, restocking making you happy is not crazy. I love feeling like our house is organized & stocked!


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