September Goals

Friday, September 2, 2016

August Goals: 
  • Set up and start using my beloved Emily Ley Simplified Planner (2017 planners on sale soon!) 
  • Wake up before Beau each day This totally changed everything!! My day goes so much more smoothly when I wake up an hour or two before my sweet boy for some me time!
  • Start our new workout schedule, Ben at 5, Me at 6, and Beau up around 7 womp womp.. don't want to work out this early. It's hard to get back into routine, and I've been spoiled by middle of the day workouts. Workouts during nap time are much more my style. :) 
  • Organize our junk drawer 
  • Share the beginning parts of our European Adventure 
  • Cross off the first step on something VERY exciting! (more details soon!)  I will have so much to share with y'all soon! The Lord turned our plans upside down and I'm so grateful!
  • start a no sugar for 30 days kick, with one exception for a Bachelorette cookie cake celebration with my besties  I've actually done really well with this, but it's been more like one dessert a week.. steps towards my pre-pregnancy weight are happening, people!
September Goals: 
  • Continue with one dessert a week, choosing carefully is so much better!
  • Start attending a new bible study, yay! Beau's first women's bible study! :) 
  • Participate in the Blogtember Challenge as much as possible
  • host an "I Do BBQ" couples shower for my friend Katie and her fiancé 
  • share some big changes going on around here 
What do y'all have going on this month? :) 


  1. Great job accomplishing all of your goals this month!

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing about all the exciting things going on! God is so good. My September goals are shared here: :)

  3. Great job with your August goals! You crushed them!! And yay for a new women's bible study! That is fun and exciting.. and sweet that Beau gets to join too! :)

  4. I always admire women who can get up an hour before their littles and workout. You did great on your August goals. I hope you share the details of your "I Do BBQ" Party.

  5. I'm going to add a 2016 goal: Get Sarah to Victoria!!! Love you, friend!


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