A Quick Magnolia Mission

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It is so crazy to me that people travel from all over the country to visit Waco, the home of Magnolia. I've been to the silos a handful of times (here and here), and even went to a home show at Chip and Joanna's farmhouse a few years ago. There's no denying it's a great place to pick up a few pieces for your home. I had selected a particular sign online that I really wanted for our new dining room. If I ordered it online, the ship time was 3-4 weeks and I was going to pay for shipping a heavy sign.. no thank you! I was also really wanting to visit the new bakery on the Silo property.. With Waco just a few hours away, it was an easy afternoon trip with my bestie! 

What I'm Wearing: Shirt, Jeans, + Booties

There was fall inspiration everywhere but we jetted inside to get my sign. As soon as we asked about it, we were told that it was sold out in store and... I would have to order it online. Sigh! Long story short, there was one hanging on the wall and I asked if I could buy it and after the sales gal asked the manager they said yes! YAY! As you can see above I was thrilled. Right about this time, Kayla's brother's girlfriend and her friend met up with us for their first trip to the silos, and we all had a great time exploring. There was a tent sale going on and I got Ben a t-shirt for 40% off. 

The bakery was a huge highlight. The goods were AMAZING, and I know my baked goods!

Everything was just really well done and I loved it. We sat on the patio in the shade and it was great to just get to soak up the environment. 

 Success!! Leaving with the sign!

After hanging out at the silos for a few hours, we went to dinner at Shorty's pizza shack. It finally felt like fall as we ate their signature "pizza pillows" and hung out on the patio. We also ordered delicious garlic parmesan knots. Yum! The restaurant is owned by one of my favorite Fixer Upper couples from season 3!

The next morning we moved the sign directly from my car to the wall.. yay! I love it and it's a perfect fit. When I snapped this photo I realized "no color allowed!" :)

After hanging the sign I got Beau up from a nap.. do you think he's ready for his monthly haircut this week? Haha!

I then slicked his hair down for a photo in his game day attire! 

I had ordered the Magnolia magazine online before I knew I was going to the Silos and it arrived on Saturday. The magazine didn't disappoint at all, I loved it! 

One last photo of the group reuniting not too long after our Magnolia trip to watch the Aggies play. 

Hope y'all had a good weekend, too! 


  1. I love your sign and your booties and your vest and Beau's hair! I love it all!

  2. That sign is gorgeous and I LOVE your dining room furniture! Have a great day!

  3. I love the sign! Perfect for a dining area!

  4. Love love that sign! A side note-you are looking FABULOUS mama!

  5. The sign looks great in your dining room! I also love your bag - where did you get it?

  6. We have plans to visit Texas next fall (we have family out there) and Waco/The Silos are on our to-do list! And don't you just want to dive into the pages of the Magnolia Journal?!

  7. It cracks me up that Waco is now a tourist destination, too. We lived in Waco for three LONG years! Of course that was before Fixer Upper made it famous! I'm glad Waco finally has something to be proud of though. They've had a lot of tragedy in that town & need the boost to the morale and economy.

  8. It looks like you had such a fun little mini trip! That sign is fabulous and I love how it looks in your dining room!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  9. What is your bag (with monogram!😍) by magnolia magazine? LV? I first thought YSL then I realized it's YOUR initials! Love!


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