Baby Beau: 5 Months

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

5 Months as of 10/11/16

Weight: 14 pounds, 1 oz 

We don't have a doctor's appointment this month, and measuring a baby is hard, haha!

Some of his 3-6 month outfits are getting a little snug, others are still roomy, depending on the brand. I'm so thankful for how my sweet boy is growing and can't wait to see him in cute fall clothes! I'm hoping that I've gotten all of his holiday things in the correct sizes!

My boy continues to be a sleep champion, and is now sleeping 12 hours each night. This morning I woke him up at 8:15! Never wake a sleeping baby is not a rule in our house, haha! He never skipped a 

Two full naps each day, with a cat nap not too long before bed. Lots of awake play time with his mama!

Another little cold this month.. yuck! Our pediatrician said to expect 5 each fall/winter, that seems like so many! Poor sweet boy! We also had our first appointment at a hospital in Dallas to see about Beau's future thumb surgery. We'll go back a year from now to get the ball rolling. 

I feel like a lot of the time Beau cries it's temperature related. It makes me sad because I need Texas to cool down! 

Bathtime is 100% Beau's favorite thing about life! He loves kicking his little legs in the water!
Singing "ghostbusters"
when we lean his face right down above ours.. it always makes him giggle
laying on mommy and daddy's bed for some playtime 
his new house 

his dislike of tummy time is now solved by being able to roll over 
milk that isn't warmed to his liking.. sigh! glad this developed after our europe trip!

Rolling over, pulling lots of mommy's hair, eating oatmeal cereal, and starting to try and sit up on his own 

Places You’ve Gone:
to his new house :)

Beau + Mama's Five Month Favorites: 
The Honest Baby Carrier- I don't think I've put this on a single time but Ben LOVES it.
Play Mat- We got this adorable play mat as a gift and Beau loves it! He's rolling all around all over and his play mat is the perfect spot.
The Honest Company Healing Balm- Twice this month Beau scratched his sweet little face. A little drop of this on his nose caused his cuts to heal SO quickly. This stuff is magic.
I'd Know You Anywhere My Love book- We read to Beau all the time and this sweet book makes me tear up every. single. time.


  1. He looks like such a giggly happy fella. : )

  2. I just ordered that book! We are ready for some new stories to add to our rotation. Five colds sounds like a TON! I hope that's not the case. Charlotte has had one cold so far, and I'm still a little traumatized.


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