Friday No. 46

Friday, October 14, 2016

First, at the time of working on this post my usual image host is down.. ugh. So pardon our dust until I hear back from them. I know my site's looking a little bit funky!

No. 1

Yesterday my sweet boy had a big checkup at the hospital to get his hands checked out. It went as expected, and we'll be back in a year to make plans for his surgery. God is faithful and will sustain us through this. Having Ben home for the day with us was really sweet!

Ps My top is available by emailing, it's a major favorite! :) 

No. 2

After our day in Dallas we had a gender reveal for one of my best friends, Polly! She has a two year old daughter and we were pretty convinced she was having another girl, because of her identical pregnancy so far... but it's a boy!! I'm so excited to share the boy mama life with my bestie! Stay tuned for some fun baby shower planning posts!

No. 3

I'm really working on getting settled in the new house, and our mantle is good for now! :) I added this Target dollar section banner and I think it really spruced things up for fall! 

No. 4

This frame is my new favorite thing in our home! It's so cute and I thought it looked great with these black and white images from our big trip, edited by my friend Nicole!

And speaking of frames, I've gotten a ton of questions about what frames I used for this gallery wall. I wanted to be super chic and use black and white.. but I just love my color images! The frames that I used are these
No. 5

I decided to make a resale instagram, @shopvictoriastrader so if you're interested in random items that pop up, follow along! Honestly I have clothes in a variety of sizes.. and lots of other fun goodies! 

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  1. Your gallery wall is my favorite! I think I want to do something similar to that in my bathroom!

  2. I love you mantle and "Gather" banner! And all the pictures in this post are so precious. :)

  3. Love your mantle and your gallery wall - so simple and beautiful! :)

  4. Love that first picture of Beau - he looks so happy in your arms!!

    I just got that frame today! love it. and I looked hard at the Gather banner... wish I had picked it up.


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