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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wow. An update is WAY overdue. I literally lost years off of my life trying to get internet and tv set up at our new house. But we're finally up and running as of noon yesterday! I really and truly missed blogging, especially because I have a lot to say about what's been happening. :) Next I'll share our whole "moving story".. and details about all of that and how the Lord lead us to the decision to move, but for now, a look at what we've been doing. :)

In the few days leading up to our move, I was OVER IT. When we started packing things up to list, our house slowly stopped feeling like ours. Even more so when I was packing to move. We closed on both our previous house and our new house on Wednesday, September 28. That Monday I was at the house with Beau and just had to break out. There were boxes everywhere, and the chaos was too much to sit in. So Beau and his mama went shopping. :)

This isn't in any way sponsored, but I love Janie and Jack so much. It's rare for me to be able to find in store clothes for Beau (I order most online) and J&J is one place I can always count on! And the girl stuff is even sweeter than the boys!

We of course popped into Anthro for Beau to get a little flirty with the sales gals, and for me to look at the new fall stuff. I don't believe I bought anything.

Wednesday was closing day.. YAY!!! It was so nice to have Ben off work in the middle of the day, even if it was a crazy one. Our friend Spencer is in the photo with us. He's our insurance agent so he came along to support us at closing. This made me really think about how so many of our needs are met by close friends. Our friend is our insurance agent, our friend cuts my hair & Beau's hair (come to think of it she should cut Ben's hair too!), another friend is our accountant, etc etc. I LOVE this! It made our second closing of the day so much more fun.

Funding going through was tight with our time frame, and we were thrilled that all went smoothly and we got our keys! I snapped this photo to send to a friend in victory! Moving day was another reminder of how well our people love us. We had such an awesome crew of moving help. Just an example.. Ben was at the old house loading up and I was at the new house facilitating everything going where it needed to and starting to unpack. After a few hours of being there I realized that I needed to switch the guest room and the nursery, the nursery furniture would just fit so much better in the other room. So two of my friends' husbands took apart all the furniture, rolled up the rugs, and switched it all. No easy task, but they did so joyfully and it was SUCH an encouragement to me!

My sister in law got us a big cookie cake for the moving crew, because we all know that's my favorite dessert. :)

The next two days were crazy.. Ben went back to work for the rest of the week. I begged him not to but he wisely reminded me that we have a baby and need to save those days for things that will come up with him, or for travel.

This was what life looked like for a day or so. Exhausted baby falling asleep in the middle of playing on the floor, and boxes of stuff in weird places. I can proudly say that thanks to my two besties coming for several big unpacking days, we have two or three boxes in the garage full of books, but everything else is unpacked! We still have one curtain rod to hang (I had ordered the wrong size first time around) and a few pictures left, but we're mostly settled at our two week mark. Yay!!

I've gotten a few emails and comments checking in on Matilda. Some newer readers are always surprised to find out that we have an english bulldog! I'm a slacking dog mom since becoming a real mom. :) I'll explain more about why when I reveal our new house, but Matilda likes the new house SO much more. We've been training her to snuggle up in her bed and not the carpet and it's been going really well. She also gets along with Beau great. Thanks so much for caring about our pup! :)

This photo has nothing to do with moving, but I finally caught on camera one of the sweetest things. A lot of the time when I feed Beau he holds my wrist. Honestly since I took this photo he's stopped holding my wrist and has started trying to hold the bottle like a big boy! I'm so glad I captured this sweetness!

Settling into our new space with a nursery photo. :)

Never a dull moment with moving.. right? About a month before moving we knew we wanted to upgrade from a queen bed to a king bed. We bought a bed we liked and didn't think anymore about it. It got delivered to our hold house right before we moved. On moving day, my brother in law built it and discovered that the footboard was a different size than the headboard. Eye roll. The bed was now out of stock.. but I was really pleased at how Nebraska Furniture Mart let us return it no questions asked, super easy! On Friday night Ben stayed home with Beau and a list of projects to tackle at the new house (replacing pendant lights, building bar stools, etc) and I headed with the girls to pick a new bed. We found one, the one I had actually taken a photo of on my phone months and months before, and called it a success!

Saturday we watched the Aggies play at our friends' house. We didn't have tv and having that little break from the moving grind was awesome. Beau loved making friends with his pal Mosby. :) 

I found that in the chaos of moving, having little details taken care of made me feel much more productive. Wreaths went up, and we started hanging things right away. I think that's why we feel like we're already pretty much settled in. 

Is it weird to post a photo of your master toilet on the internet? Probably. But I was so proud of finishing a whole "room" just a few days after moving in. Haha! The nursery was soon to follow!

Pumpkin Spice Cereals: Mini Wheats, Special K, & Cheerios. I like the Special K the best, followed by the mini wheats. (our cereal storage)

Our new house has a home office (praise hands!) for Ben. I've wanted him to have an office for so long. He uses about 5 different books during his quiet time every morning so they used to permanently live on the dining room table with his work stuff, papers, etc. There was truly no other option, so now he's thriving with his own office. I can't wait to show y'all photos of it! We put our desktop mac in the office, and my plan was to use that one as well, but last week Ben came home declaring that I needed a laptop! Yay! Such a fun surprise! :) 

We were trying to get a photo to show how much Beau's hair has grown in the past month and he was in such a happy mood! 

This sweatshirt had caught my eye the last few times I was at Nordstrom. I ran in to exchange sizes on these jeans I bought during the Nsale and decided to pull the trigger. Not the best photo of me, but I've already worn it a ton. I sized up to a medium. :) 

Happy boy in his mommy and daddy's bed! We're still waiting on our backordered duvet cover to arrive! 

I was so happy and surprised to get a sweet package from the Emily Ley team. Y'all know I'm a die hard Emily Ley fan and have been for years and years. Her book is a wonderful read, I'd recommend it! 

Y'all may have seen our pumpkin patch photos.. which I'm still giddy over! I love my sweet boy and rediscovering things through his eyes. We're already planning another trip back with family next week! :) 

Hope y'all are all doing so well, that's what's been going on with us lately! :) 

PS. I've been really into Free People lately. They've had a ton of pieces I really like! At Macy's until Sunday they have a ton of stuff marked down, and if you spend $75 you get an additional 25% off! Wahoo! I ordered a few colors of this top to try (online shopping is the best for a new mama!) and this top in the army color. 


  1. Hooray for being settled into your new home so soon! With the holidays coming up it is such an exciting time of year to create new memories there. :)

  2. Wow Victoria lots of good things happening for the Strader family!!! I LOVE that close-up pic of Beau with his big smile, what a cutie pie! Hope things are settling down more in your new home, I'm sure it is just beautiful!

  3. oh my goodness Beau is getting so big! Such a sweet little boy! Can't wait to here about the new house.


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