Beau's First Halloween

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I still can't believe we're starting the holiday season with our sweet boy! I feel like the celebrations of this time of year will be so much more detailed and special. Halloween was such a fun start to that! I decided to keep it simple and have Beau be a pumpkin for his first Halloween. I am convinced that every baby should be dressed up as a pumpkin at least once. :)

We started off the day with some errands and Beau got snuggles from two of his favorite girls when I stopped by my friend Tiffany's house really quick.

Beau didn't take his afternoon nap until almost 2, which worked perfectly because he was well rested for the big night ahead! Before we headed out to family festivities.. the fun visitors began! Our friends were trick or treating in our neighborhood with some other friends so they stopped by for a quick friend costume photo op! Beau loves Hallie!!

Then, our wonderful visitors for the week arrived!! Our friends Nicole and Tyler's sweet baby was born in Texas, which meant that while they wait for clearance to leave the state they got to come visit! Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin! Happy First Halloween to Campbell and Beau!

While Tyler and Nicole got settled we went to see our family at our favorite gathering of the year! It was our annual Halloween Hayride and chili dinner! It was so fun to have Beau there, especially because exactly a year ago we had announced that we were expecting him!

It was a sweet night with friends and family, and it was especially sweet for us to celebrate as a family of three!!


  1. His costume is adorable! He's the cutest little pumpkin!!

  2. Beau makes the sweetest little pumpkin, Victoria! And how fun that you are getting to share time with precious little baby Cole! :)

  3. Ah he is seriously just the cutest! And how special that your friends are able to stay with you with their new baby-such a blessing!

  4. Love your hay ride and chili family tradition!! Sounds so fun!

  5. So stinking cute! This makes me so happy!!! Campbell and Beau are bffs!

  6. What a fun first Halloween! Beau looked adorable! Love seeing the picture of him and Campbell! Too cute!

  7. beau as a pumpkin!!! all the heart eyes ever.

  8. Mine was a pumpkin, too! Because you're right, every baby should be a pumpkin at least once!

  9. He made the cutest pumpkin ever! The picture of him and Campbell is too, too cute!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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